G.P. Huntley (1866-1927)
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In 1891 G.P. Huntley played the role of the lawyer Mr. Sampson in a stage adaptation of the Braddon novel The Cloven Foot. Janette Steer played the lead role.

G.P. Huntley (1866-1927), also known as George Patrick Huntley, was the son of English actor parents, and was born in Ireland when his mother and father (a great-great-great-great uncle of mine) were touring with their theatre company. Huntley was a stage name. They moved back to London when G.P. was a child. He was the second cousin once removed of stage and film actress Kathleen Harrison. The Huntleys feature in a new Theatre History book to be published by The Sensation Press.

G.P. Huntley with Isabel Jay in the musical Miss Hook of Holland.

Eva Kelly, G.P. Huntley's wife, with their son Timothy Huntley in about 1908.
The little boy later became an actor as G. P. Huntley Jr. and Tim Huntley.

G.P. Huntley in Kitty Grey (1901)

G.P. Huntley in Three Little Maids (1902)

G.P. Huntley in The School Girl (1903)

G.P. Huntley in Mr. Popple of Ippleton (1905)

G.P. Huntley in Miss Hook of Holland (1907)

G.P. Huntley in The Hon'ble Phil (1908)

G.P. Huntley in Betty (1915)


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