Mary Elizabeth Braddon and the Victorian Theatre
Jennifer Carnell

A book about the 500 Victorian actors, managers, and other theatre people Braddon worked with in the 1850s and beyond.
It will contain biographical profiles of the actors and actor families from Victorian theatre to music hall of the 1900s; cast lists; pictures; reviews of Braddon's acting, theatre playbills and previously unrecorded pictures and information about Braddon and her theatrical career.

Forthcoming - when it's finished (probably in about 2040, but I'm hoping for late 2014)!

Other Contents Include:
Henry Nye Chart, A Tribute by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Illustrations Include:
Mary Elizabeth Braddon as an Actress at the Surrey Theatre
Theatre Royal, Brighton
Fanny Addison
Ira Aldridge
James R. Anderson
Emma Barnett
George Belmore
James Bennett
Adelaide Biddles
Clara Biddles
William Stone Blakeley
Harry Boleno
Charles Calvert
J.F. Cathcart
Madame Celeste
Henry Nye Chart
H.T. Craven
William Creswick
Frederick Dewar
Charles Dillon
Fred Everill
Helen Faucit
Edmund Glover
Walter Gordon
Frank Hall
Florence Haydon
Edith Heraud
George Honey
Frank Huntley
Rebecca Isaacs
Esther Jacobs
Eliza Johnstone
Monsieur Julien
Charles Kean
Ellen Kean
Louisa Keeley
Robert Keeley
Mrs. Mary Ann Keeley
Adele Leglere
George Leglere
Catherine Lucette
Alice Marriott
Edward Marshall
Henry Marston
Mrs. Henry Marston
Jenny Marston
Charles Mathews
Paul Merritt
Leigh Murray
Cicely Nott
Harry Pearson
Charles Pitt
R.C. Poynter
Rosina Ranoe in a costume designed by Sarah Allen.
Lin Rayne
Alfred Rayner
Captain Horton Rhys
J.H. Rickards
Captain Disney Roebuck
James Rogers
Ellen Rollason
Clara Rousby
Wybert Rousby
Clara St. Casse
Emily Sanders
Rachel Sanger
Richard Shepherd
Henry Sinclair
Robert Soutar
Sarah Thorne and the Theatre Royal, Margate
Mrs. Charles Viner (Mrs. Arthur Stirling)
George Vining
Fawdon Vokes
Frederick Vokes
Jessie Vokes
Rosina Vokes
Victoria Vokes
W.F. Wallett
Henry Widdicomb
Alfred Wigan
Mrs. Leonora Wigan
Barney Williams and Mrs. Barney Williams
Anthony Younge
Also illustrations of the next generation: Carlotta Addison, Ada Blanche, Louis Calvert, Henry John Chart, Charles Kean Chute, Dolly Elsworthy, G.P. Huntley, Barbara Huntley, Farren Soutar, James Blakeley, Louise Keeley, Robert Loraine, Beatrice Marston, Frederick Melville, Francis Henry Algernon Disney Roebuck, Winnie Sabine, Percy Carne Waram, Russell Wallett.
An appendix: the Swanborough Family and the Strand Theatre including actress Louisa Swanborough, Ada Swanborough, Arthur Swanborough, Henry Valentine Swanborough, W.H. Swanborough etc..

The 500 Biographical entries include actors, theatre managers, dancers, acrobats include: William Abery, J.B. Acey, Mr. Adams, E.P. Addison, Fanny Addison, Mademoiselle Agnes, Miss Aitken, Ira Aldridge, Monsieur Alfred, Allano, Frank Allen, Mrs. G. Allen, Master George Allen, George Allen, Mr. Anderson, Professor John Henry Anderson the magician, James Robertson Anderson, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Ashley, Miss Charlotte Astour, Mademoiselle Auriol, Mr. W. Barnes, Anton Kratky Baschik, Walter Baynham, Mr. H. Beaumont, Mr. Beechley, Rose Behn, William Rowles Belford, George Belmore Garstin, Miss Bennett, James Bennett, Mr. F. Beresford, Adelaide Biddles, Clara Biddles, James Bisson, Charles Bishop, William Blakeley, Mr. Bond, Adelaide Bowering, Mr. Brandon, Charles Brew, Master Brown, Mr. Brown, Pauline Burette, Charles Burton, David Byng, Charles Calvert, Coleen Campbell, John Carter, Miss Cassen, Miss Castleton, J.F. Cathcart, Miss Cassen, Madame Celeste, Patty Chapman, Mr. Chapman, James Chappell, Henry Nye Chart, John Chart, James Chute, George Clair, Mr. Clark, Miss Cleveland, John Clifton, George Cobb, Mr. Collings, Mr. Colwell, Miss Conway, William Cooper, Mr. William Cracknell, Henry Thornton Craven, William Creswick, Annie Cushnie, Therese Cushnie, Bella Cuthbert, Mr. Dalby, Mr. Darnell, Miss Dawkins, Miss De Camp, Miss Decker, the Delevanti Family (Delevanti Troupe), Monsieur Desarais, Frederick Dewar, Arthur Dillon, Charles Dillon, Mrs. Charles Dillon, Julius de Gorreguer Dolmage, Lady Don, Sir William Don, Georgiana Doyle, James John Dudgeon, Maud Dudley, Mr. Duval, Margaret Eburne, Walter Edwin, William Ellerton, Miss Elsworthy, William English, George Everett, Frederick Everill (Fred Everill), Helen Faucit, Clara Fisher, Mr. Francis, Thomas Fry, Henry Pomeroy Gilbert, Edmund Glover, Julia Glover, Frederick Fitzclarence Goddard, Mrs. Golding, Walter Gordon, Louise Grayham, Alfred Campbell Blair Hall, Frank Hall, Mr. G.J. Hall, Philip Hannan, James Harwood, Florence Haydon, Maud Haydon, Frank Haywell, Captain William Augustus Trydell Helden, Edith Heraud, Newton Treen Hicks, Harry Hilton, Edwin Holmes, John Holmes, George Honey, Mary Hudson, Miss Hughes, Frank Huntley, Brothers Hutchinson, Rebecca Isaacs, Mr. H. James, Henry Johnson, Eliza Johnstone, J.B. Johnstone, Master Jones, Miss Jones, Louis Antoine Jullien, Charles Kean, Ellen Kean, Robert Keeley, Mary Ann Keeley, Herr Kinsonu, Mr. Lavine, Emmy Le Blonde, Clara Lee, Marion Lees, James Henry Leffler, J.T. Leggett, Louis Leglere, Mr. Liver, Miss Lloyd, Robert Lockwood, Henry Loraine, Emily Lovegrove, Catherine Lucette, W. Meyer Lutz, Thomas Eaton Lyon, William Macarte, Ella Macarthy, Captain Michael McCreagh, Miss McKenzie, Mr. McKenzie, Caroline Macready, Alice Marriott, Edward Marshall, Henry Marston, Mrs. Henry Marston, Richard Marston, Fanny Maskell, William Masterman, Charles Mathews, Lizzie Mathews, John Mathewson, Mr. Maurice, Miss Mavis, Robert Melbourne, Henry Mellon, George Melville, John Milano, John Montague, Clara Morgan, Fanny Morgan, Mr. R. Morris, Charles Mortimer, Mark Moss, Leigh Murray, Captain George Alexander Muttlebury, Emma Nason, Miss Nelson, Emma Neville, John Neville, James Nicks, Cicely Nott, George Owen, Harry Pearson, Madeline Percy, Mr. Phelps, Thomas Phillips, Charles Pitt, Mrs. Charles Pitt, Mr. Poole, Mr. Powell, R.C. Poynter, Monsieur Prescini, John Pritchard, David Purvis, Charles Raigh, Charlotte Rawlings, Milton Rainford, Miss Rainford, Mrs. Rainford, Lin Rayne, Alfred Rayner, John Reed, Captain Charles Horton Rhys, Mons. Emile Richarde, J.H. Rickards, Thomas Ridgway, Henry Rivers, Charles Robberds, Miss Robertson, Mr. W. Robertson, Mrs. W. Robertson, John Robinson, Greatrex Roby, Captain Disney Roebuck, James Rogers, Mr. Rosier, Georgiana Ross, Louisa Ross, Wybert Rousby, Henry Russell, Felix Russelle, Clara St. Casse, Mr. Salmon, Mr. Saunders, Emily Sanders, Alfred Sanger, Emma Sanger, Rachel Sanger, Mr. Saunders, Mademoiselle Schmidt, Richard Shepherd, Mr. Short, Louise Sidney, Rose Sidney, William Barrow Simonds, Henry Sinclair, Mr. Skinner, Robert Soutar, Robin Steer, Leopold Stern, Nelson Steyne, Louisa Swanborough, W.V. Swanborough, Alfred Tapping, Marion Taylor, George Teague, Ellen Thirlwall, Mr. Thomas, Marguerite Thorne, Sarah Thorne, Roberts Tindell, Charles Verner, Webster Vernon, Charles Vincent, George Vining, Mr. and Mrs. Vokes, John Vollaire, W.F. Wallett, Mr. Warde, Captain Astell Thomas Welsh, Harry Widdicomb, Alfred Wigan, Mrs. Alfred Wigan, Barney Williams, Mrs. Barney Williams, John Mahon Williams, Montagu Williams, Mr. W. C. Williams, Edward Wilson, Mr. J.H. Wolfenden, Mrs. Wolfenden, Arthur Wood, Mr. Yarnold, George Samuel Young, Anthony Younge, and many more.

The Literary Lives of Mary Elizabeth Braddon by Jennifer Carnell (Biography)

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