Mary Elizabeth Braddon and the Victorian Theatre (2016)

A book about the Victorian actors, managers, and other theatre people Braddon worked with in the 1850s.
It will contain biographical profiles, cast lists, pictures, reviews of Braddon's acting, and previously unrecorded information about Braddon.

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Mary Elizabeth Braddon and the Victorian Theatre


Mary Elizabeth Braddon Keepsake for 2015


Privately published supplement to the above:

The Huntleys

A Theatrical Trip for a Wager by Charles Horton Rhys

Mary Elizabeth Braddon: A Collection

Henry Dunbar by Tom Taylor

Mary (Cancelled)


Mary Elizabeth Braddon

The last novel of M.E. Braddon (1835-1915), published posthumously in 1916.

The hardback Sensation Press edition will also contain:
A photograph frontis of a newly discovered portrait of Braddon at Lichfield House
A stereoview illustration
An addenda to bibliography, listing stories etc. found since The Literary Lives was published
A large number of other contemporary articles and obituaries (many unrecorded)
The transcript of a interview with Braddon from a wax cylinder recording.

Mary by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

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