Victorian Advertising
Jennifer Carnell

Advertisements from books and magazines from the late Victorian and Edwardian era.
Unlike the other advertising pages, I have gone beyond the Victorian age to include later adverts for sanitary products.

Hartmann's Hygenic Wood Wool Diapers
Disposable sanitary towel or pad, 'Far Cheaper than the usual expenditure in washing.'
An advert published in a yellowback novel by Chatto & Windus in 1885.

Hartmann's Hygenic Wood Wool Diapers
'They are Soft, Light, Antiseptic, and are supplied at the actual Cost of Washing.'
An advert published in a paperback novel published by the Hansom Cab Company c. 1888.

Southall's Sanitary Towels for Ladies
As well as the towels, Southall sold 'Metal Stock Boxes' to 'keep the Towels damp-proof and ready for use at a moment's notice, under all conditions. These Stock Boxes are very convenient (packing in a small compass.) To protect customers from preseumed embarrassment, Southall Brothers claimed postal orders were 'entirely managed by Ladies.' When ordered by post, they would be sent 'with plain address Labels quite free from anything to attract observation.'
An advert published in a paperback novel published by the Hansom Cab Company c. 1888.

Hartmann's Hygienic Wood Wool Diapers
'Most Comfortable and Healthful for Home Use and when Traveling. No Washing Required.' Available from 'Ladies' Outfitting Establishments, Drapers and Chemists', their circular contained, 'Testimonials from all the principal Hospitals and Leading Members of the Medical Profession.'
The Sanitary Wood Wool Company.
An advert from a yellowback book published by Routledge in 1892.

An advert for Southall Towels from a weekly magazine in 1894.
On this occasion, a free gift was offered to those taking part in a bazaar - providing she provided the company with a list of stall holders.
'A free parcel of Southalls' "Sanitary Towels" will be sent carriage free to the first Lady Stall-Holder of every Bazaar who applies to The Lady Manager, mentioning this Paper, and enclosing [a] circular with list of Stall-Holders.'
Southall Brothers and Barclay.
Wholesale Agents: Sharp, Perrin, & Co.

Hartmann's Towelettes
As well as the usual range, 'Special make for use after accouchement' (ie after giving birth).
'Can be obtained from all Ladies' Outfitting Establishments, Drapers, also from the Army and Navy and Civil Service Stores, and Chemists.'
The Sanitary Wood Cool Company Ltd.
A magazine advert published in 1894.

Southalls' Towels
An advert from a paperback novel published by the Amalgamated Press c. 1902.

Southalls' Towels
An advert from a Newnes sixpenny paperback novel c. 1905.

'Southall's Towels for Comfort, Convenience, and Health-Safety
'Southall's Towels are sanitary, absorbent, and highly antiseptic. They are sold by all Drapers, Ladies' Outfitters, and Chemists, in silver packets containing one dozen at 6d.; also manufactured under their improved Patents, 1s., 1s 6d., and 2s. A Sample Packet containing 6 towels in the four standard sizes, post free for 6 stamps from the Lady Manager. Southall's Protective Apron, for use with Southall's Sanitary Towels. Very light. Waterproof. Adaptable. Needs no adjustment. Very durable. Price 2s.'
An advert printed at the back of a paperback novel published by Ward, Lock & Co. in 1910.

Mosana Sanitary Towels
'Possess greater advantages than any other. They are exceptionally soft, unequalled for quality and comfort in wear.
Scientifically constructed, hygienic, antiseptic, the most absorbent and economical, and specially recommended for
outdoor pursuits.' Manufactured by Arnold & Sons.
A magazine advert published in 1913.

Southalls' Towels
Discreet postal delivery in a 'plain cover', with the suggestion that a nurse would deal with the orders!
A magazine advert published in 1913.



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