Victorian Portraits for Sale from the Sensation Press

John Alfred Le Mesurier Hayward, two carte de visite photograph of John Alfred Le Mesurier Hayward. The first shows him as a teenager and is by David Hains of 28 Upper Phillimore Place, Kensington. Identified in front in ink ‘John A. LeM Hayward 1874'. The second is by an unknown photographer and is signed on the reverse in his own handwriting ‘John A. LeM Hayward 1891'. Fading to the second image, good condition.
Ref. no. 136a Price £45

George Richard Turner Phillips, a carte de visite of George Richard Turner Phillips by by Robert Faulkner of Bayswater. George Richard Turner Phillips (1841-1909) was born in Clerkenwell, the son of surgeon Richard Phillips and his wife Mary Ann. His father Richard Phillips was born in Slebech, Pembrokeshire and was from a medical family - his brother was surgeon Thomas Phillips and his nephew surgeon Edward Picton Phillips. George's siblings were Marian Elizabeth Phillips, William Owen Phillips, Clara Louise Phillips (married barrister Frederick Charles James Millar), Mary Sophia Phillips (married curate Benjamin William Day), Frances Gertrude Phillips (married the Reverend Rev Augustine Briggs) and Henry Astley Phillips (married Lizzie Florence Ward & Catherine Bayley). Like his father, George Richard Turner Phillips became a doctor and surgeon. In 1872 he married Rose Ellen Judson in Kensington and they had children called Hugh Richard Phillips and Violet Mary Phillips. After Rose's death he married Marion Elizabeth P Hannay. He spent most of his successful career in London and he lived with his family in Leinster Square, Bayswater. George's son Hugh also became a well known doctor and married Helen Minnie Gromme and, after a divorce, Sarah G. Morgan. Identified in pencil on reverse and probably it belonged to his sister as it says 'Mary's'. Good condition.
Ref. no. 137a Price £35

John Saffery, a carte de visite sized photograph by an unknown photographer of John Saffery. Identified in ink on front as ‘John Saffery, Chief Clerk of Bankruptcy'. John Saffery (1800-1889) was born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, the son of John and Maria Grace Saffery. His family were non-conformists. He married Jane Hall in 1833 and they had children called Joseph John Saffery, Edward Saffery, Emily Gertrude Saffery, Cuthbert Saffery, Frederick William Saffery and Albert Edwin Saffery. John Saffery and his family lived in Hackney in London and he was for many years Chief Clerk and Accountant in the Bankruptcy court. He died in Hastings in 1889. Mounted on card and probably later cut from a scrapbook. Good condition.
Ref. no. 138a Price £45

John Jefferies, a carte de visite phototograph of Royal Navy chief engineer John Jefferies (1839-1900) by Ernest Bavastro of 65 King Street, Jamaica. Autographed in ink on front ‘sincerely yours John Jefferson' and on the reverse ‘H.M.S. "Fantome", Port Royal 25 April '82 love from Jeff'. The day it was signed the Fantome sailed from Port Royal for the Spanish Main. John Jefferies was born in Marylebone, London in 1839 and was the son of Irish parents, Tobias Thomas Jefferson and Margaret Jefferies; his father was a labourer and his mother a laundress. John joined the Royal Navy and became an engineer. In 1865 he was assistant engineer on the Orontes troop ship when it went to China. In 1879 he became chief engineer on the Fantome. In 1886 he became Fleet Engineer and in 1892 he retired from the navy. He returned to London after his retirement and married Susannah Despicht (1852-1934), the daughter of master tailor Henry Peter Despicht and Margaret Despicht; the wedding was witnessed by Joseph Despicht and Sophie E. Despicht. John Jefferies died at 15 Disraeli Road in Ealing in 1900. Some fading, good condition.
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Ref. no. 140a SOLD

John Maitland and Mary Isabella Maitland, two carte de visites of John and Mary Isabella Maitland.
1. John Maitland by John Moffat (1803-1865) of 103 Princes Street, Edinburgh. John Maitland was the Accountant General to the Court of Session in Edinburgh. He was the son of Sir Alexander Charles Maitland and Helen Gibson Wright. He married Mary Isabella Wood, known as Isabella, in 1852. Identified in pencil on reverse with biographical and family details and a piece of paper in ink.
2. Mary Isabella Maitland (c.1807-1886), known as Isabella Maitland by Ross and Thompson of 90 Princes Street, Edinburgh. Born Mary Isabella Wood, she was the daughter of Marion Cadell and John Philip Wood. She was the niece of Robert Cadell of Ratho House, a publisher, and granddaughter of laird John Cadell of Cockenzie. Identified in pencil on reverse with biographical and family details and a piece of paper in ink.
Good condition.
Ref. no. 141a Price £80

Ernest William Haley, a cabinet card photo of school teacher and athlete Ernest William Haley (1885-1975) by Hellis and Sons of London. Taken on 21 January 1904 and showing Haley dressed as a schoolmaster. Ernest Haley was the son of Henry and Annie Haley. His father worked for the Post Officee. In 1901 Ernest was living with his parents and siblings Harold Percy Haley and Florence Haley in Kennington. In 1912 he competed in the 1912 Olympics. He is identified in ink on reverse as ‘Ernest Haley, 4 Bishops Terrace, Walcot Square, Kennington Road, Lambeth'. A few age marks, good condition.
Ref. no. 142a Price £35

Arthur Hildebrand Alington, a carte de visite of Captain Arthur Hildebrand Alington (1839-1925) as a young man by the London Stereoscopic Company. Autographed 'Arthur H. Alington' on front. On reverse identified in ink as ‘Captain Alington R.N.' Admiral Arthur Hildebrand Alington was born at Swinhope, Lincolnshire in 1839. He was living at the family home, Swinhope House, North Thoresby, Lincolnshire, when he died in 1925. He married Charlotte Mary Moore in 1870. One of his sons was Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Cyril Marmaduke Alington. Another, who followed him into the Royal Navy, was Argentine Hugh Alington, who married Janet Marchant Tooth, the daughter of Dr. Howard Henry Tooth. Another child was Charlotte Hildegarde Mary Alington, who married solicitor Frederick Parkin, the son of John Bacoden Parkin. Good condition.
Ref. no. 143a Price £45

Captain Augustus Frederick Warburton & Mary Ann Campbell Warburton, two carte de visites of Captain Augustus Frederick Warburton & Mary Ann Campbell Warburton (nee Mary Ann Campbell Hailes) by Jabez Hughes, Royal Photographic Studio, Arcade, Ryde, Isle of Wight. Augustus Warburton (1827-1885) was born in Rathkeale, Limerick in Ireland, the son of Charles Mongan Warburton and Alicia Warburton (nee Bunbury). He joined the 15th Foot Regiment and reached the rank of captain before he left the army. In 1861 he was visiting his mother Alice Warburton's house Stanbroke Villa, Pittville Circus, Cheltenham with his wife and children Charles Campbell Warburton, Alice Isabel Warburton, Leila Charlotte Frances Warburton and Florence Jane Matilda. In the 1880s until his death he lived in Dover at Wellesley Terrace with his wife and children Isabel, Leila, Florence, Eleanor Louisa de Blaquiere Warburton, Marion Flora Campbell Warburton, Harris Grant Warburton, Philip Bunbury Warburton, Frances Caroline Hobart Warburton and Violet Warburton. Identified in pencil on reverse as 'Capt. Augustus Warburton' and 'Mrs. A. Warburton). Some age mottling and a light ring from when they must have once been in an album, good condition.
Ref. no. 144a
Price £60

James Skene, A carte de visite of James Skene (1775-1864) with a boy and girl aged about seven and eight and a small dog ar their feer by Hills and Saunders of Oxford and Eton and taken in about 1864. Identified in ink on reverse as 'Skene of Rubislaw with grandchildren'. James Skene was born in Rubislaw, Aberdeenshire and was the son of James Skene and Jane Forbes (the daughter of Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo). After years living in Edinburgh, and several, in Greece, James Skene settled in Oxford. He was a close friend of Sir Walter Scott. One of his sons was the historian William Forbes Skene and one of his daughters was the author and social reformer Felicia Skene. The children pictured may be great grandchildren rather than grandchildren. Good condition.
Ref. no. 145a Price £45

Diana Thompson, a cabinet photograph by an unknown photographer of Mrs. Diana Thompson of Gateshead (1795-1896) in her hundredth year in 1895. Diana Thompson was the widow of Newcastle poet, journalist and printer William Gill Thompson. She was born in Newcastle and was the mother of 14 children. Good condition.
Ref. no. 146a Price £45

Ethel Susan Dykes, A photograph of Ethel Susan Dykes (1860-1936) taken in the 1900s. Mounted on album card, it shows her sitting up in bed with a newspaper, surrounded by Christmas cards; more cards and photos of children are on the wall behind her. Ethel Dykes was born in Durham and was the daughter of clergyman John Bacchus Dykes and Susannah Thomlinson (or Tomlinson) Kingston. In 1861 she was living at South Bailey, Durham with her parents and siblings Ernest Huntington Dykes and Mabel Hey Dykes. Her father was the vicar of St. Oswald's in Durham and in 1871 they were living at 27 Church Street, Durham with her sisters Mary Eveleyn Dykes, Gertrude Kingston Dykes (married Henry Chinnock Radford) and brother John Arthur St. Oswald Dykes. Later she and her sister lived with her brother Ernest, a vicar and composer, in St. James's Terrace, Barrow in Furness and later still at the Parsonage, Oulton with Woodlesford, Yorkshire. She eventually settled in Harrogate and was a church worker with the guild of help. Some ink marks on pillow area and wall, probably from when it was sent in a letter, but good condition.
Ref. no. 147a Price £35

Dora Jennings (Dora Bell), a carte de visite of Dora Jennings (nee Dora Bell) dressed as a nurse and taken by Maujean and Leopold Dubois of Paris. Dora Bell (1840-1925) was born in Cockermouth, Cumberland, the daughter of James and Mary Bowes Bell. Although known as Dora, her registered legal name at birth was Dorothy Bell. Her grandfather was Cockermouth physician Dr. James Oliphant Bell. Dora had sisters called Mary Oliphant Bell, Jane Catherine Bell, Janet Bell and Margaret Bell. Dora married William Jennings who worked as a district superintendant for the Birmingham Fire Office and Lancashire Insurance Company. Dora was widowed and left with two young daughters in 1868. She retrained as a nurse in 1871 and in 1875 was working at Galignani's Hospital in France. The hospital was founded by the Galignani publishing family who published English language books and the newspaper Galignani's Messenger. Dora had two daughters: Dora Mabel Jennings (1863-1940), later knoen as Dora Mabel Dunbar who married William James Colquhoun Dunbar, the son of Sir Archibald Keith Dunbar and Sophia Orred; and Rose Agnes J E Jennings (1867-19?), who was known as Agnes Jennings. Identified in ink on front at top of image on front as ‘Dora Jennings' and on the reverse written in ink ‘Hospital Galignani Paris January 1875'. Good condition.
Ref. no. 148a
Price £45

Thomas Woods Weston, a carte de visite of the Reverend Thomas Woods Weston (1816-1891) by Edward Sims of Tunbridge Wells. Thomas Woods Weston was born in Clerkenwell, the son of merchant John Weston and Elizabeth Weston. He attended Christ's College, Cambridge and married Isabella Elizabeth Mary Freer, the daughter of John Branston Freer of Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire. Weston became the vicar of St. John's Church in Tunbridge Wells. He had children called Geraldine Mary Weston, Mary Constance Weston, William W. Weston, Thomas Freer Weston, John E. Weston, Isabella Elizabeth Weston and Bowyer Wynn Weston. Identified in ink on reverse as T.W. Weston. A little aging, good condition.
Ref. no. 149a Price £35

General Sir Watkin Lewis Griffies Williams, a carte de visite of General Sir Watkin Lewis Griffies Williams (c.1800-1877) by Henri Claudet. Williams, who was a baronet, was born at Llwynywormwood (Llwynywermod), Carmarthenshire in Wales and became a general in the Madras Cavalry in the Indian Army. He retired in London and died at his home 38 Elgin Road, Notting Hill in 1877; the probate on his estate was granted to his nephew Major Edmund Watkin Kent of the 24th Regiment. A little aging, good condition.
Ref. no. 150a Price £35

John Champion Ragdale, a carte de visite of John Champion Ragdale age 4 by Lafosse of Knolls House, Manchester. John Champion Ragdale (1878-1936) was the son of bleacher Joseph Robert Ragdale and Mary Elizabeth Porthouse Davison of Whitefield, Lancashire. He married Ada Walkden, the daughter of merchant John Walkden, in 1905 and they had a son called John Joseph Champion Ragdale. Identified in ink on reverse as ‘John Champion Ragdale on his 4th birthday July 5 1882'. White mark to one corner, otherwise good condition.
Ref. no. 151a Price £35

Alfred Adams, a carte de visite of Alfred Adams by W.S. Spanton, 16 Abbey Gate Street, Bury St. Edmunds. Alfred Adams (1834-1907) was born in Stanton, Suffolk, the son of carpenter George Adams and his wife Mary. Alfred Adams became a farmer and builder. He was married to Susan, the daughter of Susan Germany, and had children called Selina Jane Adams, Octavia Louise Adams (married Frank George Hazlewood) and Helen Agnes Adams (married Oliver Henry Hazlewood). Identified in ink on reverse as ‘Alfred Adams, Grundle Farm, Stanton, Bury St. Edmunds'. A couple of light creases to edges of picture (not affecting Adams face or body).
Ref. no. 152a Price £35

Sir Edgcombe Venning, a carte de visite in military uniform as a young man by Hills and Saunders of Eton and Oxford. Edgcombe Venning (c.1837-1920) was born in Norwich, Norfolk and he was the son of James Meybohm Venning and Patience Maria Venning. His father was a landowner and Edgcombe had siblings called John James Edgcombe Venning, Julia Venning, Ralph Parson Venning, Agnes Mary Venning, Edith Maria Venning and Margaret Venning. Edgcombe Venning became a surgeon in the 1st Life Guards. He married Frances Edith Pearson, the daughter of Frances and Thomas Aylmer Pearson, and had children called Algernon Edgcombe Venning, Ethel Nina Patience Venning and Henry Charles Venning (married Ethel Isabel Lindo). Edgcombe Venning later lived at Lamorva, Falmouth. Identified in pencil on reverse. Some fading, and pale contrast on the face.
Ref. no. 153a
Price £35

Alice Marley, Muriel Elizabeth Marley, Guy Marley and William Marley, a cabinet photograph of the three Marley children and their mother Alice by W. McLiesh of Darlington & Durham. Each child identified in ink with their date of birth on the reverse ‘Muriel Elizabeth Marley 4 years Oct 15. Guy Marley 2 years July 27. William Marley 8 months feb 19.' and inscribed 'For Uncle Tom Oct 31st 1887.' Alice Garbett (c.1860-) was born in Patrick Broughton, Yorkshire and was the daughter of Elizabeth Garbutt; she had a brother called Thomas Garbutt who may be the Uncle Tom of the inscription. She married Thomas William Marley, the secretary and commercial manager of a colliery, in Darlington in 1882. Muriel Elizabeth Marley (1883-1969) was born in Darlington and married engineer James Gordon Templer (1881-1950). Guy Marley (1885-1892) died as a child. William Marley (1887-1917) became a coal agent and was killed in action in France in the First World War when he was a captain in the Durham Light Infantry. In 1911 the family were loving at Marton Grove in Darlington. The children's siblings included Cuthbert David Marley, Kathleen Marley, Joscelyn Marley age 12, the Reverend Harold Marley and Rayne Marley. Good condition.
Ref. no. 154a
Price £45

Markham Le Fer Taylor, a cabinet photo by Maull and Fox of London of General Markham Le Fer Taylor (1837-1910). Markham Le Fer Taylor was the son of Watkin Williams Taylor and Amelia Taylor. Markham Taylor joined the Royal Artillery in 1851 and saw action in the Crimean War (he served with the siege train at Sebastopel) and the Boer War. He married Frances Elizabeth Doyne and they had children called Eleanor Amelia Taylor (married Thomas Stanford Baldock), Philip Beauchamp Taylor and Herbert Wodehouse Taylor. In 1901 he was a retired Major General visiting his daughter Eleanor and grandchildren William Philip Baldock and Violet Eleanor Baldock in Aldershot. Good condition.
Ref. no. 155a Price £45

Jesse and E.M. Foster, a carte de visite photograph of brother and sister by R.B. Thorpe, 110 High Street, Rye. Annotated in ink on reverse 'E.M. Foster & Jesse Foster' and in pencil 'age about 8 10'. Some foxing to back of card, good condition.
Ref. no. 156a Price £45

Alexander Peter McMullen, a carte de visite of Alexander Peter McMullen by Elsden of Hertford. Taken in the 1860s. Alexander McMullen was a brewer in Hertford, Hertfordshire. He was the grandfather of American art collector Paul Mellon. A few age marks, good condition.
Ref. no. 157a Price £45

William Frederick Windham, a carte de visite photograph by an unknown photographer and taken in about 1861. Windham was known in the 1860s as Mad Windham and was heir to the Felbrigg Hall estate near Norwich in Norfolk. Some fading, good conditon.
Ref. no. 158a Price £30

William Henry Symes, a carte de visite photograph of Dr. William Henry Symes by J. Moffat of Princes Street, Edinburgh. Identified in ink on front as ‘W.H. Lymes M.B.' and dated 1866 in pencil on reverse. Corners clipped, some age fading, good condition.
Ref. no. 159a Price £45

Cornelia Amanda Augusta Thornton & Edmund William Tankerville Thornton, a carte de visite of Cornelia Amanda Augusta Thornton (1863-1889) and Edmund William Tankerville Thornton (1866-) as children by Lambert Weston and Son of Folkestone and Dover. It was taken in 1870 and they are identified in ink on the reverse. They were the children of Major Charles Edmund Thorton of the 56th Regiment and Royal Fusileers of Kirkland Hall, Garstang and Eliza Amanda Thornton. Their grandfather was William Thomas Thornton, the Receiver-General of the Inland Revenue. Cornelia married merchanr James Miller, eldest son of Major Miller of Netherby, Ayr, in Singapore in 1885. Edmund married widow Louisa Ellen Wood, the daughter of James Wain, in 1893 and had children called Celia Katie Thornton, Charles Edmund Thornton, Cornelia Amanda Ellen Thornton, William Thomas Thornton and Amelia Elizabeth Thornton. Good conditon.
Ref. no. 160a Price £45

Reverend William Naylor, of the Reverend William Naylor (1782-1868) by Hopwood, Photographer, High Street near the Market Place, Wednesbury. Identified in ink on the front. William Naylor was a Methodist minister and joined the Wesleyan ministry in 1802. At the time of his death, in Wednesbury, he was the oldest minister in the country. Good condition.
Ref. no. 161a Price £45

Hillier Children, two carte de visites by an unknown photographer showing children from the Hillier family from Dorset. They were the children of Swanage schoolmaster James Thomas Hillier and Eleanor Ann Warren Hillier.
1. Mary Ann Warren Hillier (1861-1933, known as Annie), Emily Charlotte Hillier (1868-1948, known as Lottie) and Laura Augusta Hillier (1876-1965, married Reginald Gould of Bournemouth).
2. James Thomas Hillier (1863-), Douglas Eugene Hillier (1864-1937), Harry Nicholas Hillier (1870-1960 married Ada Louisa) and Albert Edward Hillier.
Identified on reverse. Some fading, good condition.
Ref. no. 162a Price £80

Mary Crum, a carte de visite photograph of Mary Crum (1847-1933) by E.W. Dallas of 34 Hanover Street, Edinburgh. It was taken in about 1861 when Mary Crum was at boarding school in Edinburgh. Mary Crum was born in Glasgow (c.1847-) and was the daughter of Scottish calico printer and merchant John Crum (c.1795-c.1858) and Agnes Crum. She grew up at the family home the Auld House, Thornliebank, Glasgow. In 1861 she was a pupil at the Edinburgh boarding school of Elizabeth Somerville at 2 Douane Terrace. Mary Crum married ironmaster and colliery owner Colin Dunlop of Colin Dunlop & Company of Glasgow. She later lived at Lockerbie House in Lockerbie, where she died in 1933. Her children were Agnes Mary Helen Dunlop (c.1875-1930), who married John Stewart Lyon, and Colin John Dunlop (1869-1914) who died after a riding accident at Stapleton Towers near Annan in 1914. Good condition.
Ref. no. 163a Price £40

Arthur Mcleod Mills and Family, a group of seven carte de visites of the family of Brevet Colonel Arthur Mcleod Mills. Arthur Mcleod Mills (1849-1913) was an army officer. He died at Redcliffe Lodge, Paignton, Devon.
1. Arthur Mcleod Mills with his baby daughter Marian by P. Weston and Son of Folkestone.
2. Arthur's daughters Nora Mcleod Mills and Marion Beatrice Mills by G.R. Lavis of Eastbourne.
3. Nora Mcleod Mills by C. Hawkins of Brighton and Bath.
4. Marion Beatrice Mills by C. Hawkins of Brighton and Bath. Marian (the spelling is Marian rather than Marion on the back of the pictures) was born in India in about 1874. In 1891 she was living with her mother Elizabeth, brother Arthur Mordaunt Mills and sister Florence in Hastings. She married married Lieut Colonel William John Keene of the Indian Army and died in 1938.
5. Arthur's daughter Florence Muriel Mills as a baby by an unknown photographer. Florence married surgeon George Augustus Roberts.
6. Arthur's cousin Dr. John Mills by Henry Knight of St Leonards on Sea.
7. Mrs John Mills by Henry Knight of St. Leonards.
Pictures identified on reverse. Some rather faded, especially Florence. Nora and Marion must have been redheads as their hair has been tinted red. Good condition.
Ref. no. 164a Price £80

William Randall Slacke & Mrs. William Randall Slacke, two carte de visites. A carte de visite of William Randall Slacke, taken when he was a captain in the Royal Engineers, by J. Magill of Donegall Place, Belfast. A carte de visite of Mrs. William Randall Slacke (Harrietta Earl White) by William Lawrence, photographer, 7 Upper Sackville Street, Dublin. In 1886 Colonel William Randal Slacke (c.1839-1920) was appointed as the Commanding Royal Engineer Officer on the Staff of the Dublin Districts. Their son William Henry Owen Slacke was born in 1867 and their daughter Mary Catherine Slacke in 1869. Identified in ink on paper. Good condition.
Ref. no. 165a Price £80

Sir Douglas Strutt Galton & Lady Mary Anne Galton (nee Mary Anne Simpson), two carte de visite photographs. 1. Captain Douglas Galton by John and Charles Watkins, Photographers to the Queen, the Prince of Wales and the Ex Royal Family of France, 34 Parliament Street, London. Identified in pencil on the reverse ‘Captain Douglas Galton C.B., D.C.L., F.R.S.' 2. Mrs. Douglas Galton by an unknown photographer in the 1860s. Identified in pencil on reverse. Sir Douglas Strutt Galton (1822-1899) was the son of John Howard Galton. He was a civil engineer and an army captain in the Royal Engineers. Good condition.
Ref. no. 166a Price £80

Pattisson Family, three cabinet photographs of the Pattison family showing brothers Jacob Luard Pattisson and John Robert Ebenezer Pattisson and John's children John Howell Pattisson and Agnes Madeline Pattisson.
1. John Robert Ebenezer Pattisson by George Avery of Tonbridge, Kent. Taken in July 1897.
2. Jacob Luard Pattisson by Elliott and Fry of London. Taken in October 1900.
3. John Howell Pattisson (known as Howell) and Agnes Madeline Pattison (known as Madeline), taken in August 1886 by E. Pattison Pett of Worthing.
Identified in ink on reverse, a few age marks to no. 3, good condition.
Ref. no. 167a Price £90

Benedict George Hoskyns, a carte de visite of Benedict George Hoskyns by Henry Jenkins of St. Mary's Street, Wallingford. Taken when he was a student at Jesus College, Cambridge. Identified in ink on front. Benedict George Hoskyns (c.1856-1935) was born in Aston Tyrrold in Berkshire. He was the son of Phyllis and the Reverend Sir John Leigh. In 1874 he became a student at Jesus College and in 1879 was ordained as a deacon in Winchester. He eventually became an archdeacon. He married Dora Katharine Franklyn and in 1911 they were living with their daughter Diana Mary Katharine Hoskyns (she married Sir Godfrey John Vignoles Thomas). He also had a son, Chandos Benedict Arden Hoskyns. Good condition.
Ref. no. 168a Price £25

Edward Douglas Lennox Harvey, a carte de visite of Edward Douglas Lennox Harvey by Hills and Saunders of Cambridge. Taken when he was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Identified in ink on front. Edward Douglas Lennox Harvey (1858-1938) was born in Paris in 1858. Born 1858. He was the son of Isabella and William James Harvey and spent some of his childhood in Scotland. After leaving Cambridge he became a vicar and lived at Downham Market. After his retirement from the Church he lived with his family at Beedingwood House at Lower Beeding near Horsham in Sussex. He married Constance Annie Hills in 1885 and his children with her included Constance Lennox Harvey (married Arthur T. Hodgson), Douglas Lennox Harvey (killed in action in 1914), Ernest Ian Lennox Harvey and Frank Lennox Harvey (killed in action in 1914). He married Emma Jessie Thornton in 1911, the daughter of Philip Rawson, and their son was Captain Roger Edward Lennox Harvey. Fading, good condition.
Ref. no. 169a Price £25

Edward Vincent Vashon Wheeler, a carte de visite of Edward Vincent Vashon Wheeler by Hills and Saunders of Cambridge. Taken when he was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Identified in ink on front. Edward Vincent Vashon Wheeler (1858-1933) was born in Tenbury, Worcestershire. He was the son of Marianne and Edward Vincent Wheeler. He was later a farmer at Newnham Court, Tenbury. In 1892 he married Elizabeth Ellen Winwood Smith, the daughter of Sir William Smith. He was still living at Newnham Court when he died in 1933 and probate on his estate was granted to his brother James Volant Wheeler. Fading, good condition.
Ref. no. 170a Price £25

Charles Gathorne Hill, a carte de visite of Charles Gathorne Hill by Hills and Saunders of Cambridge. Taken when he was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Identified in ink on front. Charles Gathorne Hill (1857-1934) was born in Clifton, Gloucestershire. He was the son of Mary Elizabeth and Charles Hill. In 1885 he married Gertrude Isabella Jones Mortimer. Hill was a ship builder and engineer and in 1911 was living in Yate, Gloucestershire with his wife and children Charles Loraine Hill, Hugh Maurice Hill, Richard Alexander Gathorne Hill and Dilys Ruth Gathorne Hill. He was living at Harptree Court in East Harptree in Somerset when he died. Good condition.
Ref. no. 171a Price £25

Sydney Rhodes James, a carte de visite of Sydney Rhodes James by Hills and Saunders of Cambridge. Taken when he was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Identified in ink on front. Sydney Rhodes James (1855-1934) was born in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. He was the son of Mary and the Reverend Herbert James. He became a vicar and taught at Eton College. He later became the headmaster at Malvern College. He married Mary Hoare, the daughter of the Reverend Henry Hoare and had four children, including Evelyn Zoe Rhodes James (married Forester Cecil Robin Britten), Linda Margery Rhodes James and Philip Montague Rhodes James. Faded, age marks.
Ref. no. 172a Price £25

Robert Ritson, a carte de visite of Robert Ritson by Hills and Saunders of Cambridge. Taken when he was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Identified in ink on front. Robert Ritson (1873-1942) was born at Ellen Bank, Maryport in Cumberland. He was the son of shipbuilder Robert Ritson and Mary Ritson. Robert Ritson became a surgeon and was later a doctor in Hamilton Road, Reading, where he lived with his wife Mary. Ritson's son John Andrew Ritson died in the First World War. A couple of small marks, good condition.
Ref. no. 173a Price £25

Johan Frederik Caroe, a carte de visite of Johan Frederik Caroe by Hills and Saunders of Cambridge. Taken when he was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Identified in ink on front. Johan Frederik Caroe (1856-1930) was born in Lancashire and in 1881 was living with his father Anders Caroe, a corn merchant, and his sister Helen at Holmsdale in Great Crosby. In 1895 Johan Caroe married Eleanor Jane Alexandra Gordon. Caroe was a corn merchant and was the consul for Denmark in Lancashire. His three children were Frederick Thorvald K. Caroe, Eleanor Astrid Gordon Caroe and Einar Athelstan Gordon Caroe. A couple of small marks, good condition.
Ref. no. 174a Price £25

Henry Charles Finch Mason, a carte de visite of Henry Charles Finch Mason by J.E. Bliss of Cambridge. Taken when he was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Identified in ink on front. Henry Charles Finch Mason (1856-1902) was born near Watford, Hertforshire, where his father John Mason was a vicar at Aldenham and Boydon Hill. Henry became a teacher at Haileybury School. Good condition.
Ref. no. 175a Price £25

John Arthur Watson-Taylor, a carte de visite of John Arthur Watson-Taylor by Hills and Saunders of Cambridge. Taken when he was a student at Magdalene College, Cambridge. Identified in ink on front. John Arthur Watson-Taylor (1857-1923) was born in London and was the son of Simon Watson-Taylor and Lady Hannah Charlotte Watson-Taylor. In 1861 he was living with his parents and siblings at Erlestoke Park, Wiltshire. Fading, good condition.
Ref. no. 176a Price £25

Herbert Picton Morris, a carte de visite of Herbert Picton Morris by Hills and Saunders of Cambridge. Taken when he was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Identified in ink on front. Good condition. Herbert Picton Morris (1856-1946) was born in Liverpool. His father John Grant Morris was a wealthy merchant and his mother was Mary Picton Morris. His siblings included Thomas Case Morris, Christopher Morris and Percy Copeland Morris. In 1882 Herbert Morris married Alice Sarah Russell and their children included Thomas Herbert Picton Morris and Edith Sylvia Morris. In 1911 Herbert Morris was the Assistant Charity Commissioner for England and Wales and he later became the Chief.
Ref. no. 177a Price £25

James Hamblin Smith, a carte de visite of James Hamblin Smith by J. Rylands of Cambridge. Smith was a tutor in algebra at Cambridge University and known as ‘Big Smith' by his students. Identified in ink on front. Good condition. James Hamblin Smith (1827-1901) was born in Upper Rickinghall, Suffolk and he was the son of James Hamblin and Mary Smith. He married Ellen Hales, the daughter of Samuel Chilton Gross, and their children included James Hamblin Smith, Mary Hamblin Smith, Maurice Hamblin Smith and Rupert Hamblin Smith. He died when he was living at living at 42 Trumpington Street in 1901.
Ref. no. 178a Price £25

James Alexander Orr-Ewing, a carte de visite of James Alexander Orr-Ewing by Elliott and Fry of London. Taken when he was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Light pencil retouching, good condition. James Alexander Orr-Ewing (1857-1900) was born in Scotland. He was the son of Archibald and Elizabeth Lindsay Orr-Ewing (nee Reid) of of Ballikinrain Castle, Killearn. In 1898 he married Lady Margaret Frances Susan Innes-Ker and four years later he was a Major in the 2nd battalion of the Imperial Yeomanry when he was killed in the Boer War at Kheis. His only daughter was Millicent Lilian Elizabeth Orr-Ewing, who married Sir John Francis Roskell Reynolds.
Ref. no. 179a Price £25

Charles Sydney Buchanan Riddell, a carte de visite of Charles Sydney Buchanan Riddell copied as a vignette from an older school age photo by the London Photographic Company of Bayswater. Identified in ink on front. Riddell was a student at Christ Church College, Oxford. Fading, good condition. Charles Sydney Buchanan Riddell (1858-1886) was born in Kent, where his father the Reverend John Charles Buchanan Riddell was the vicar of Harrietsham. His mother was Frances Sophia Buchanan Riddell and he had a barrister brother John Walter Buchanan-Riddell. Riddell became a missionary and died in Zanzibar in 1886.
Ref. no. 180a Price £25

John George Jameson, a carte de visite photograph of John George Jameson by Hills and Saunders of Cambridge. Taken when he was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Identified in ink on front. Good condition. John George Jameson (born 1855) was the son of Henry Jameson of Roebuck, Dundrum, Dublin. He owned the Bow Street distillery in Dublin. He was married to Eleanor Mary and had three children: Hilda, Victoria Ina and John Patrick Jameson.
Ref. no. 181a Price £25

Reverend Thomas Valpy French and Catherine Marsh and an unidentified Indian Man, a carte de visite of Thomas Valpy French and Catherine Marsh and an unidentified Indian or Afghan man in native dress. Valpy French (1825-1891) was a missionary in India and became the Bishop of Lahore. Catherine Marsh (1818-1912) was an evangelical preacher and writer. She lived with her father Reverend Dr. William Marsh at Beddington near Croydon in Surrey, and Valpy French was at one point one of Dr. Marsh's curates in Beddington. The picture was probably taken originally in about 1860 as French looks quite young - but this carte is a copy produced by White of Reading in the 1870s. Identified in pencil and ink on the reverse. Good condition.
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Arthur Henry Drew, a carte de visite photograph of Arthur Henry Drew by Hills and Saunders of Cambridge. Taken when he was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Identified in ink on front.
Ref. no. 183a Price £25

Edward Henry Hills, a carte de visite photograph of Edward Henry Hills by Hills and Saunders of Cambridge. Taken when he was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Hills was a chemist and a member of the Hills family who owned the Deptford Chemical Works. Identified in ink on front. Good condition.
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Ref. no. 185a SOLD

Edward Oliver Pleydell Bouverie, a carte de visite of Edward Oliver Pleydell Bouverie by Hills and Saunders of Cambridge. Taken when he was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Identified in ink on front. Fading and a few marks.
Ref. no. 186a Price £25

Edward Richard Jeffreys Nicolls, a carte de visite of Edward Richard Jeffreys Nicolls (1854-1934) by Wheeler of Oxford. Identified in ink on front. Nicolls was a student at Christ Church, Oxford. Fading and a few marks.
Ref. no. 187a Price £25

Arthur Stewart Raikes, Arthur Stewart Raikes by by Hills & Saunders of Cambridge. Identified in ink on front as ‘A. Raikes'. Arthur Stuart Raikes was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge. Fading, good condition.
Ref. no. 188a Price £25

Francis Henry Tytherleigh Easton, a carte de visite by Hill and Saunders of Cambridge. Inscribed in ink on reverse ‘J.F. Howson from F.H.T.E., Llandaff 1880'. J.F. Howson was James Francis Howson, a student at Trinity College, Cambridge and by looking at the student list for the time the initials of the sitter seem to match fellow student Francis Henry Tytherleigh Easton. Good condition.
Ref. no. 189a Price £25

Ref. no. 190a SOLD

Russell Gurney, a carte de visite of barrister and politician Russell Gurney (1804-1878) by the London Stereoscopic Company. Russell Gurney was the son of Lady Maria and Sir John Gurney. He married Emelia Batten. Identified in pencil on the back and in ink on the front. Good condition.
Ref. no. 191a Price £25

Marc Armand Ruffer, a carte de visite photograph of Sir Marc Armand Ruffer (1859-1917) when he was a student at Brasenose College, Oxford. Taken by by Hills and Saunders of Oxford. Identified and dated in ink on reverse as ‘M.A. Ruffer 31.3.81'. He was the son of of banker Baron Alphonse Jacques Ruffer of Lyons and Caroline Ruffer. Ruffer became an important pathologist and bacteriologist. He became a student at Brasenose College in 1878, receiving a BA in 1882 and an MA in 1887 and later studied at the Pasteur Institute. In 1890, when he was a physician, he married Alice Mary Greenfield (later Dame Alice Ruffer), the daughter of Captain John Tyndale Greenfield of the Royal Artillery and Mary Catherine Hird. The Ruffers had three daughters: Helen Muriel Ruffer, Alice Honora Vere Ruffer (married surgeon Arthur Leonard Weakley) and Nina Margaret Ruffer. Ruffer became Professor of bacteriology at Cairo University in Egypt, living at Bulkeley Ramleh near Alexandria, and was knighted in 1916. He was killed on 15 April 1917 when the SS Arcadian was torpedoed by a German submarine. Good condition.
Ref. no. 192a Price £25

Gervas Charles Wells-Cole, a carte de visite of Gervas Charles Wells-Cole aged about 11 by W.J. Smith of 44 Canwick Road, Lincoln. Autographed in ink on front ‘yours ever, G.C. Wells-Cole'. Gervas Charles Wells Cole (1889-1974) was the son of Gevas Frederick Wells Cole and Mary Beatrice Wells Cole (nee Brook). He married Kathleen Feridah Russell Allen in 1915. Good condition.
Ref. no. 193a Price £25

Arthur Dudley Parr Dudley (formerly Arthur Dudley Parr), a carte de visite of Arthur Dudley Parr Dudley (1859-1931) by an unknown photographer. Inscribed in ink on reverse ‘yrs truly Arthur D. Parr Dudley'. Arthur Dudley Parr was born in Cossington, Leicestershire and he was the son of Eleanor and Thomas Cart Parr. In 1861 he was living with his parents and siblings Eleanor Elizabeth Parr and Thomas William Parr in Cossington. He attended Rugby School, Brasenose College, Oxford and was called to the bar as a barrister at Lincoln's Inn, but became a medical doctor. He married Ellen Hughes in 1892 and had children called John Huskisson Parr-Parry, Eric Arthur Parr-Dudley, Ellinor Parr-Dudley and Walter Parr-Dudley. A few age marks, good condition.
Ref. no. 194a Price £35

Samuel Edward Busby, a carte de visite of the Reverend Samuel Edward Busby by James Simonton of the Royal Panopticon of Science and Art, 70 Grafton Street, Dublin. Identified in ink on front as ‘S. Edward Hardy L.L.D. clk'.
Busby was a vicar and clerk in holy orders. He married Marian Bradshaw, the daughter of William Bradshaw, in Dublin in 1861. In 1885 he was living at St. Andrew's, Rectory, Belfast. In 1901 he was living with his wife and niece Louisa Susannah Brambell Busby and in 1911 he was living with them in Dublin. He died in Dublin in 1915 and probate was granted to librarian Samuel Edward Brambell, who was probably a nephew or cousin. Good condition.
Ref. no. 195a Price £25

Walter Hele Molesworth, a carte de visite photograph of Walter Hele Molesworth by Mr. Gaisford of 32 George Street, Plymouth. Identified on reverse in pencil as ‘Walter H. Moleworth'. Walter Hele Molesworth (1823-1885) was born at St. Breock in Cornwall. He was the son of the Reverend William Molesworth and Katherine Treby and was educated at Eton and St. John's College, Cambridge. His brothers were Hugh Henry Molesworth and Sir Paul William Molesworth of Kenegie, Penzance. In 1849 he marriedFrances Mary Twysden, the daughter of Admiral Henry Duncan Twysden of the Royal Navy. He had four daughters: Blanche Mary Twysden Molesworth, Cordelia Twysden Molesworth, Imogen Isabella Twysden Molesworth (married Lieut-Col Edward Henry Legge) and Katherine Twysden Molesworth (married the Reverend John Dene, rector of Horwood, Devon). In 1861 the Molesworths were living at 2 Brighton Villas, Compton Gifford, near Plymouth. Good condition.
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Susan Ludow Cordelia Lopes, Cordelia Lucy Lopes and Ethel Maud Lopes, a carte de visite of Susan, Cordelia and Ethel Lopes by R.R. Taylor of Westbury, Wiltshire. Identified and dated in ink on reverse ‘Susan Lopes, Cordelia Lopes, Ethel Lopes, Oct 11th 1867'. The three children were the daughters of barrister, judge and M.P. Henry Charles Franco Lopes (later Baron Lopes) and Cordelia Lucy Clark. In 1861 the family were living at Farleigh House, Monkton Farleigh in Wiltshire. Susan Ludow Cordelia Lopes (1859-1938) married barrister Archibald Bence-Jones (the son of scientist Henry Bence Jones). Cordelia Lucy Lopes (1861-1945) married Sir John Alexander Hanham. Ethel Maud Lopes (1864-1943). Fading, good condition.
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Sir Thomas Buxton Morrish, A cabinet photo of Thomas Buxton Morrish by Lock and Whitfield of 178 Regent Street and 109 King's Road, Brighton. Autographed boldly in ink by Morrish on the reverse. Morrish, who was a keen amateur actor, is shown posed in a Spanish costume. Sir Thomas Buxton Morrish (c.1840-1909) was born in Liverpool and was the son of merchant James Morrish. He became a very successful goldsmith. He married Sara Nash Gabriel, the daughter of merchant Christopher Trowell Gabriel, in 1866 and they had sons called Harold Gabriel Morrish (1867-1953) and Arthur Gabriel Morrish (1869-1936).At the time of his death he lived at Leonard House, Upper Tulse Hill in London and his country home was Langhurst in Horsham, Sussex. Good condition.
Ref. no. 198a Price £45

Lieutenant Colonel William Rose Campbell, Jean Morison Campbell, Mary Morison Campbell and MacIver Forbes Morison Campbell, a carte de visite of Lieutenant Colonel William Rose Campbell and his family by Ross and Pringle of Edinburgh. They are posed in the studio in a rowing boat against a scenic backdrop with artificial water. The picture was taken in 1869 and is identified and dated in ink on reverse. William Rose Campbell (c.1819-1872) was the son of Alexander Campbell of Ballochyle and Elizabeth Forbes Rose. He was the owner of the Ballochyle Estate in Scotland, and of the Ballochyle Brooch. He joined the army and became lieutenant-colonel of the 28th Madras Regiment in India. His first wife was Clementina Mary Arthbuthnott, the daughter of Viscount Arbuthnott. He married Jean Morison Bucanan, the daughter of Professor James Buchanan, in 1862. After Campbell's death, his widow married Hugh Miller. The children pictured were Mary Morison Campbell (c.1864-?) and MacIvor Forbes Morison Campbell (1867-1932). MacIvor-Campbell, as he became known, lived in Canada and married Dorothy Gladys Williams, the daughter of Thomas Thornton Williams, of Victoria. Good condition.
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Elizabeth Murton Chalmers (Elizabeth Murton Philpott), a carte de visite of Mrs. Elizabeth Chalmers (1840-1870) by J. Moffat of Edinburgh. Elizabeth Philpott was the daughter of Elizabeth Murton and the Reverend John Philpott of Hinxhall Rectory in Kent. She married Glasgow born paper manufacturer David Chalmers (1820-1899), the son of Isabella and Charles Chalmers, at Hinxhill Church in 1867. Elizabeth died at their home Redhill House, Slateford, om Edinburgh in 1870. David Chalmers, who was the nephew of Dr. Thomas Chalmers of the Scottish free church, became a noted antiquarian and member of the Royal Society and Antiquarian Society. Inscribed in ink on reverse ‘In remembrance of Mrs D. Chalmers (Miss Lizzie Philpott Hinxhill Rectory) Married at Hinxhill Church 14th November 1867. Died at Redhall Edinburgh 14th October 1870. From Mr. Chalmers.' Faded and a couple of marks.
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Hardinge Giffard, a carte de visite of Hardinge Giffard, Lord Halsbury by Alexander Bassano, 25 Old Bond Street. Good condition.
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Thomas Spilsbury Swinson, a carte de visite of Dr. Thomas Swinson (1840-1882) in Shakespearian costume for amateur dramatics or a fancy dress ball and about to draw a dagger by John Burton and Sons of Leicester, Derby, Birmingham, Nottingham and Burton on Trent. Swinson was almost certainly dressed for the Shakespeare Tercentenary in 1864 and the reverse states Burton was ‘Sole Photographers to the Tercentenary Celebration 1864'. Identified in ink on reverse. Thomas Spilsbury Swinson was the son of Birmingham surgeon George Newton Swinson and Mary Ann Swinson (nee Morgan). He qualified as a doctor in 1861 and over the years was based at 1 Hamilton Terrace, Leamington. Mickleton near Chipping Camden and 25 Waterloo Place, Leamington. He Married Emily Caroline Greatrex, the daughter of Mary and James Frederick Greatrex in Staffordshire in 1871 and had children: Edward Spilsbury Swinson (1871-1958, an artist); Emily Gertrude Swinson (1872-1938, married merchant Harold Charles Tanner); Walter Wilberforce Ryder Swinson (1876-19?, a solicitor who married Hannah Beatrice Griffiths); John Hall Swinson (1879-1967, an accountant) and Clara Swinson (1881-19?, married Hugh Gregory, son of artist Charles Gregory. Good condition.
Ref. 202a
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Richard Henry Ramsey, a carte de visite of Richard Henry Ramsey as a boy by Thomas North, 71 Grafton Street, Dublin. Identified in ink on reverse as ‘Richard Henry Ramsey 1878'. Richard Henry Ramsey was born in Dublin on 15 October 1866. He was the son of Richard and Sarah Elizabeth Ramsey (nee Sarah Elizabeth Elcock) and had siblings called Mary Anne Mabel Ramsey, Margaret Elizabeth, George Sheldrake Ramsey and (George Sheldrake Ramsay became an artist and postcard publisher) Martha Gertrude Ramsey. The family later moved to Derbyshire where Sarah Ramsey had a boarding house at Rockavon House, Buxton. Richard Henry Ramsey moved to Canada and died as Richard Henry Ramsay in Kamloops, British Columbia in 1942. Good condition.
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John Vinycomb, a carte de visite of the artist John Vinycomb by an unknown photographer. Autographed in ink at bottom ‘Yours truly John Vinycomb' and dated in pencil on the reverse 5/11/95. John Vinycomb (1834-1928) was a Newcastle born artist. Good condition.
Ref. no. 204a Price £45

James Wheeler, a carte de visite photograph of actor James Wheeler. James Wheeler (1849-1924) was born in Brixham, Devon and he was the son of baker James Wheeler and Anne M. Wheeler. James Wheeler had a business as a stationer but he also worked as a professional actor in the Victorian period. He married Alice Lepine Welby, the daughter of county court bailiff William Welby and Ann Welby, in Canterbury in 1877. They had children called Dorothy Wheeler (1878-1969) and Welby Wheeler (1883-1960). Dorothy became a dancing teacher. He died in Kensington in 1924. Printed id on front. The reverse has a quotation written in ink by an admirer, a quotation from 'Maud Muller' by John Greenleaf Whittier and referring to a love that can only be in a different life:
"Ah, well! for us all some sweet hope lies
Deeply buried from human eyes
And, in the hereafter, angels may
Roll the stone from its grave away"
Bottom edge of card trimmed, good condition.
Ref. no. 205a Price £35

Frances Diana Jackson, a carte de visite by W. and D. Downey of Newcastle on Tyne. Identified in ink on reverse. Frances Diana Jackson (c.1850-1911) was born in Canada and married Scottish surgeon George Haliburton Hume in county Durham in 1878. In 1901 living at 61 Osborne Road, Newcastle with her husband, and children William Errington Hume (later Sir William Errington Hume and the father of George Haliburton Hume - later known as Cardinal Basil Hume), Norman Haliburton Hume, Phyllis Mary Hume, Constance Olive Hume and George Minchin Hume. Fading and a couple of marks.
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Campbell Clark, a carte de visite of Colonel Campbell Clark (1827-1896) in mufti and when he was a major by Maull of London.Campbell Clark was born in London on 16 June 1827 when his parents, Matthew and Catharine Clark, lived in Hanover Terrace. Matthew Clark was a a commercial broker and consignee of foreign wines and spirits and the family later lived at Bromston House in Thanet and in 1851 also resident at the house were Campbell Clark's brother Gordon Wyatt Clark and sisters Catherine and Agnes. When Clark retired from the army with the rank of colonel he retired to the the Red House in Ufford, Suffolk. Identified in pencil on reverse. Notes attached on reverse with details of his military career: ‘Major Campbell Clark, 104th Bengal Fusiliers, Punjab Campaign 1848-49 (medal with 2 clasps), Burmah 1853 (medal & clasp from Pega), Mutiny 1857 attached to 68th at Cawnpore (medal).' Good condition.
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Ernest Holdsworth Studdy, a carte de visite by Arthur Debenham of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Identified in ink as ‘Ernest Studdy 32nd Regiment, married Miss Hames 1874'. Ernest Holdsworth Studdy (1851-1921) was born at Waddeton Court, Stoke Gabriel in Devon. He was the son of local magistrate Henry Studdy and Eleanor Frances Holdsworth Studdy and lived ar Waddeton Court with his siblings Eleanor Sarah Studdy, Robert H. Studdy, John Studdy, Georgina F. Studdy, Thomas Studdy and Harriet E. Studdy. In 1871 he joined the army as a sub lieutenant in the 32nd Regiment and was made a captain in 1883. In 1874 he married Constance Julia Haytor Hames (c.1853-1925), the daughter of Constance Harriet and the Reverend Hayter George Hayter-Hames of Chagford. Ernest and Constance had children called Ernestine Constance Studdy, George Ernest Studdy (1878-1948, a well-known artist as George E. Studdy) and Hubert Charles Studdy. Rather faded.
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George Fox Grant, Cdv of Captain George Fox Grant of the 62nd Regiment by T. Cranfield, Grafton Street, Dublin. Identified in ink on reverse ‘Capt. Fox Grant 62nd Regt'. George Fox Grant (c.1838-1901) was the son of Reverend Joseph Brabazon Fox and Dorothea Martha Fox of Rathconrath and Dublin. He joined the 62nd (The Wiltshire) Regiment of Foot in 1855 and eventually reached the rank of Colonel in the 62nd and 5th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles. He married Albina Cotton Walker, the daughter of Dr. William Augustus Walker, in Dublin in 1861. After her death he married Louisa Elizabeth Billing, the daughter of Theobald Billing, in Dublin in 1873. He lived in Dublin and Tipperary. His children included Dorothea Amelia Grant, Captain Kenneth Malcolm Patrick Grant, Agnes Dorothea Fox Grant, William Augustus Grant, George Billing Charles Grant and Patience Helen Fox (she married Downton Curtis Leman, the son of James Curtis Leman and Jane Margaret Leman). Old number in ink at bottom of card area, good condition.
Ref. no. 209a
Price £45

Edmund Henry Dickens, a carte of Edmund Dickens by Elliott and Fry of 55 Baker Street, Portman Square. Autographed in his own handwriting in ink on the reverse ‘Very sincerely yours Edmund Dickens 5 Nov 1874'. Edmund Henry Dickens (1849-1910) was the son of Alfred Lamert Dickens and Helen Dobson, and the nephew of the author Charles Dickens. Edmund Henry Dickens was born in Yorkshire and was living in London in the 1870s. He attended the funeral of Charles Dickens in the same carriage as Wilkie Collins. He married Frances Eleanor Thornton in 1886. A couple of marks, good condition.
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Allen Children, three carte de visites of Josephine Mary Elizabeth Allen, Ada Maud Allen and Edward Satow Allen. They were born in Stoke Newington and were the children of Joseph Allen and Mary Mason Satow. Josephine Mary Elizabeth Allen (1864-1951) married Royal Navy commander Laurence De Walk Satow in 1907. Ada Maud Allen was born in 1866. Edward Satow Allen (1867-1950) became a bill broker and banking discount agent; he married Eva Mary Gorton, the daughter of stockbroker Stewart Gorton, in 1893.
1. Josephine Mary Elizabeth Allen and Ada Maud Allen by J. Smith, Photographer, 8 Pool Valley, Brighton. Identified in ink and dated ‘Josephine M.E. Allen Ada Maud Allen April 1867'.
2. Cdv Josephine Mary Elizabeth Allen by Hennah & Kent, 108 Kings Road, Brighton. Identified in ink on the reverse and the age when taken ‘Josephine M.E. Allen Sept 1876 11 years 11 m'.
3. Cdv Edward Satow Allen by Hennah & Kent, 108 Kings Road, Brighton. Identified in ink on reverse with age when taken ‘Edward S. Allen Sept 1876 8 years 10 m'.
Fading, a few age marks, good condition.
Ref. no. 211a
Price £45

Charles Shea Hunt, a carte de visite Cdv of Captain Charles Shea Hunt by J. Perkins of Bath. Identified in ink on reverse. Charles Shea Hunt (c.1837-1898) was born in Plymouth and was the son of attorney Warwick Augustus Hunt and Emily Wooldridge Linzee. He became a soldier in the 3rd Madras Regiment and joined the 108th Regiment as a lieutenant in 1862. He was made a captain in 1866. In 1867 he married Katherine Hay, the daughter of W. Hay of Great Bowden Hall, in Bowden, Leicestershire. He became a captain in the 19th Foor in 1872 and retired as lieutenant colonel in 1880. He died at his home Cosham Park, Cosham in Hertfordshire. Hunt had two daughters: Kate Emma Hunt married Major Henry Di Stella Burford Burford-Hancock; and Grace Hay Hunt married Major Herbert Forbes Churchill. Some fading, good condition.
Ref. no. 212a Price £45

Robert Maule Gillies, a carte de visite by W. & D. Downey of 9 Eldon Square, Newcastle on Tyne. Identified in ink on reverse ‘Robert Maule Gillies, Cantab'. Robert Maule Gillies (1806-1869) was born in London and was the servant of merchant William Gillies of Brechin and Charlotte Hester Gillies. He attented Caius College, Cambridge and became a corn dealer. In 1831 he married Catherine Beaver, the daughter of Royal Navy Captain Philip Beaver. Robert Gillies had children called Charlotte Beaver Gillies, Emily Jane Gillies, Helen Elizabeth Gillies and William Adam Beaver Gillies. He died in Newcastle in 1869 and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery. His son William Gillies became a lieutenant in the Royal Bengal Artillery and married Jane Lilias Hudson Gillies in Calcutta. Some aging, fading and mottling to image.
Ref. no. 213a Price £25

George Nathaniel Broke-Middleton and Albina Broke-Middleton, 6 carte de visite photographs relating to Admiral Nathaniel Broke-Middleton and his wife Albina. Sir Nathaniel Broke-Middleton (1812-1887) was the son of Sir Philip Bowes Vere Broke and Sarah Louisa Middleton. He joined the Royal Navy in 1825 and was the Commander of HMS Gladiator during the Crimean War. Albina Maria Evans was the daughter of Thomas Evans and married Broke-Middleton in 1853. They lived at Shrubland Hall, Coddenham,Suffolk and Broke Hall, Nacton near Ipswich. Albina also lived in London at 10 Stanhope Gardens, Kensington.
1. George Nathaniel Broke Middleton in uniform, wearing medals and holding a sword, by Elliott & Fry of London. Identified in ink on reverse ‘Admiral Sir George Nathaniel Broke Middleton, High Sheriff for Suffolk in 1864.'
2. George Nathaniel Broke Middleton by Camille Silvy of 38 Porchester Terrace, Bayswater, London. Identified in ink on reverse ‘Sir G. Broke Middleton baronet C.B.'
3. Carte by an unknown photographer of an earlier painting of Albina Broke Middleton. Identified in ink on reverse as ‘Albina Broke Middleton'.
4. Carte of Albina Broke Middleton by W. Vick, London Road, Ipswich. Identified in ink on reverse ‘Albina wife of Sir George Broke-Middleton baronet C.B. of Broke Hall and Shrubland Park'.
5. Carte of Shrubland Park, Suffolk by an unknown photographer. Identified in ink on reverse ‘Shrubland Park Suffolk seat of Admiral Sir George Broke Middleton High Sheriff for Suffolk in 1864.'
6. Carte of Shrubland Park by an unknown photographer. Identified in ink on reverse.
Some aging and fading to some, good condition,
Ref. no. 214a Price £60

George Dudley Dawson, carte de visite by James Robinson, Polytechnic Museum, 65 Grafton Street, Dublin. Written in ink on reverse ‘Recd. March 3rd 1870 G. Dawson, Esq. Late 47th Regt'. George Dudley Dawson (1839-1897) was born in Ireland. He was the son of the Reverend George B. Dawson of County Carlow. His uncle was Lieutenant General Sir Dudley Hill. He joined the 47th Regiment as an ensign in 1855. In Canada with the 47th Regiment he was at Fort Erie at the time of the Fenian Raid in 1866. He was a lieutenant when he left the regiment in 1867. He spent some time in Dublin in the 1860s and then went to Canada where, in Toronto in 1869, he married Lizzie (Elizabeth) Willoughby, the daughter of barrister R.P. Crooks and niece of Adam Crooks. In Canada he worked as a wine merchant but also saw military action; he served as a major of the Tenth Royals in the North-West Rebellion and wounded at battle of Batoche and as Colonel Dawson was commander of the Grenadiers. He died in Toronto. He had children called Mary or May Dawson, Louisa Dawson, Dudley Dawson and Richard Dawson. Good condition.
Ref. no. 215a Price £25

Reverend James Hope, Caroline Jane Hope & John Basil Hope, two carte de visite photographs by E. Gregson of Waterhouse Street, Halifax, Yorkshire. The first of the Reverend James Hope, Caroline Jane Hope and their young son John Basil Hope and the second of John Basil Hope by himself at the age of three. James Hope (c.1825-1894) was the son of the Reverend John of Southowram, Yorkshire and attended Queen's College, Oxford. In 1859 he married Caroline Jane Armitage (1835-1925), the daughter of George Armitage esquire. Their first child John Basil Hope (1860-1943) and in 1861 they were living at Copley Parsonage. James Hope was later vicar at Holy Trinity in Halifax. James and Caroline Hope also had children called George Hope, James Arthur Hope, Clement Armitage Hope, Charles Stuart Hope and Francis Harland Hope. John Basil Hope married Amy Louisa Richardson in Yorkshire in 1894 and in 1911 he became a civil engineer. He was later the Mayor of Bedford and had children called James Kenneth Hope, Marjorie Caroline H. Hope and Amy Joyce Yda Hope. Identified in ink as ‘Mr. & Mrs. Hope of Halifax & their eldest boy - Basil' and in ink ‘John Basil Hope 1863'. Some aging, good condition.
Ref. no. 216a
Price £80

Alice Elizabeth Sankey, a ninth plate ambrotype on glass, taken in about 1859 by Thomas John Barnes, Photographer, Hope Place, Mile End Road, Near the Jews Burial Ground, in London and a carte de visite photograph of Sankey playing a guitar taken by John Bateman, Photographic Artist of 51 St. George's Street, Canterbury, Kent in about 1861. Alice Elizabeth Sankey (1844-1923) was born in Canterbury. She was the daughter of the Reverend Philip Sankey (c.1817-1881) and Elizabeth Ann Sankey (d. 1873). In 1851 she and her parents were living in Market Street in St. Columb Major in Cornwall while her father was the minister of St. Columb. In 1870 she married commercial clerk Charles Joseph Richards (1844-1888) who was from Shoreditch and after their marriage they moved to Gateshead. In 1881 they were living at 1 Dilston terrace, South Gosforth, Newcastle and in 1911 she was living at 35 Meldon Terrace. She died as Alice Elizabeth Richards in 1923. Alice had five children: Charles Frederick Richards (1871-1942) became a bank clerk in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and with his wife Mary Lilian had sons Charles Eric and Philip Richards; Elizabeth Emily Richards was born in Gateshead in 1873; Alice Ethel Richards (1875-1939) became a music teacher; Frances Noel Richards (1879-1964) married the Reverend Robert Oswald Patrick Taylor and lived in St. Leonards on Sea and her children were the Reverend Francis Oswald Taylor and clerk in Holy Orders and Margery Richards Taylor (later Clyde); Arthur Sankey Richards (born 1885) was an insurance clerk in 1911. The ambrotype has Barnes's trade card at the back and is housed in a case which has split in two; both pictures are in good condition.
Ref. no. 217a £150

Standish Radley Jackson, a carte de visite of Captain Standish Radley Jackson by Mayer Brothers of 133 Regent Street, London. Identified in ink on reverse and the date it was taken - 1 January 1862. Standish Jackson (c.1829-1879) was born in Bath. He was the son of Inner Temple barrister William Owen Jackson and Elizabeth Bishton Phillips. His mother died when he was a baby and his father remarried Harriet Martha Lowry. In 1851 he became an ensign in the 14th Light Dragoons and soon became a lieutenant. He joined the 78th Regiment in 1860 and became a captain. He retired from the 25th Foot Regiment in 1867. He married Blanche Florence Sullivan Fawcett, thw daughter of Henry of Broadfield, Yorkshire and they had two children. In 1871 the family were living at Coldbrook House in Abergavenny. Jackson and his wife both died young and their two children were brought up by Jackson's sister, the author Mary Catherine Jackson. His son was Guy Standish Jackson and his daughter was Mary Blanche Violet Jackson - she married author and mountaineer Edward Douglas Fawcett (the brother of explorer Peter Fawcett) and they spent their married life in Switzerland. Good condition.
Ref. no. 218a Price £45

Ref. no. 219a SOLD

Ellen Margaret Hort, carte de visite by an unknown photographer of Ellen Margaret Hort as a baby and a young woman who is probably Fanny Henrietta Hort (her mother). Identified in ink on reverse ‘1862 2 months old Ellen Margaret Hort' and also a note indicating ‘winter' address of ‘6 Clifton Place'. Ellen Margaret Hort (1862-1945) was born in Cheltenham. She was the daughter of clergyman and professor of theology Sir Fenton John Anthony Hort and Fanny Henrietta (nee Holland). Her mother Fanny Henrietta Dyson Holland (1832-1925) was born in Hatfield, Yorkshire and she was the daughter of Thomas John Dyson Holland and Elizabeth Mouse Susannah Pollard; she married Fenton Hort in 1857. They had seven other children including Sir Arthur Fenton Hort, the Reverend Francis Fitzgerald Hort, Dr. Edward Collet Hort, Mary Dyson Hort and Dr. Frederick Aylmer Hort. Good condition.
Ref. no. 220a Price £45

Major Wolrige, a carte de visite by Richard Dighton of Weston Villa, Cheltenham. Identified in ink on front as ‘Major Wolrige'. The most likely candidate for Major Wolrige is Henry Ridge Wolrige (c.1831-1889) who was born in Devon and was the son of Captain Thomas Wolrige of the Royal Navy and Emma Sophia Wolrige (nee Ridge). In 1851 he was a lieutenant in the 46th Regiment. He married Mary Georgiana Luke in Sidmouth in 1858. In 1879 he became a major in the Worcestershire Rifles. He lived at the Lawns, Birmingham Road, Hagley near Stourbridge in Worcestershire and 1st Volunteer Battalion Worcestershire Regiment in 1886. He died in River near Dover in Kent. Fading, some aging.
Ref. no. 221a Price £25

Thomas Edward Aylmer Jones, Lilian Aylmer Jones (nee Lilian Cookworthy), Vera Gwladys Jones and Felix Edward Aylmer Jones (the actor Felix Aylmer), 5 small photographs (cigarette card size) of the Jones family by Crescendo of Reading. Together with an envelope which reads: ‘Felix Aylmer, actor 1889-1979. Photograph at a few weeks old, with his mother Mrs. Lilian Aylmer Jones (nee Cookworthy) & one of two other family photos.' Good condition.
1. Felix EdwardAylmer Jones as a baby with his mother. Identified in ink on reverse ‘Felix Aylmer (1889-1979) and his mother Mrs Lilian Aylmer Jones (nee Cookworthy).
2. Duplicate of 1.
3. Vera Gwladys Jones (1890-1984). Identified in ink on reverse 'Vera Aylmer Jones sister of Felix Aylmer, actor'.
4. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Edward Aylmer Jones (1858-19?). Identified in ink on reverse ‘Lt Col Aylmer Jones father of Felix Aylmer actor'.
5. Thomas Edward Aylmer Jones in uniform.
Ref. no. 222a Price £25

Joseph Edwards, a carte de visite of Islington fusee cutter and clockmaker Joseph Edwards (1831-1882), copied in the 1880s from an 1855 photograph (an ambrotype, probably) and given as a Christmas present by his daughter Mary to her brother Arthur. Identified in pencil on front ‘copy Joseph Edwards 1855) and inscribed in ink on reverse ‘Pollie to Arthur Xmas 18??'. Also a printed mourning card with a printed inscription and on the reverse of which is written in ink the initials of his children: ‘The father of M.A.A.E., J.E., E.A.E, L.E., H.F.E., H.E., A.J.E., S.L.E., A.J.E., A.A.E.' Joseph Edwards was born in London and lived in Islington with his wife Mary Ann and their large family. In 1871 and 1881 they were living at 31 Charlotte Street in Islington. His children were Mary Ann Edwards (born 1853), Joseph Edwards (baptised 1854), Emily Ann Edwards (baptised 1856), Louisa Edwards (baptised 1859), Henry Frederick Edwards (baptised 1861), Henrietta Edwards (baptised 1863 at Battle Bridge All Saints Islington), Sarah Lydia Edwards (baptised 1864 died 1881), Alice Jane Edwards (baptised in 1866. she married florist Richard Thomas Childs in 1890) and Arthur Alexander Edwards (born 1868 he married Annie Elizabeth King and became an engraver). Some aging and the mourning card has split in half.
Ref. no. 223a

Anna Reigart Carruthers, a photo of Anna Carruthers (1900-1993) as a young child by an unknown photographer. Identified in ink on reverse as ‘Anna Reigart Lynn nee Carruthers'. She was born in Lambeth in 1900, the daughter of Dr. Samuel William Carruthers and Emily Hopkins Carruthers (nee Haldeman). In 1911 she was living at 44 Central Hill, Norwood with her parents and siblings William John Hopkins Carruthers, Jean Chrystal Carruthers and Donna Carmichael Carruthers. She married Maurice J. Lynn (probably Maurice John Lynn) in 1940 and died in Norfolk in 1993. Some fading, good condition.
Ref. 224a
Price £15

Henrietta Louisa Alexandrina Constable Radcliffe, a large format photo of her with a dog, probably copied in the 1890s from an 1860s carte de visite. Identified in an old hand in pencil on reverse ‘Henrietta Louisa Alexandrina Constable Radcliffe, daughter of Sir Joseph Radcliffe, about 1864'. With some modern pencil notes by a previous collector on the reverse. Sir Joseph Radcliffe of Milnsbridge House, Yorkshire, was married to Jacobina Maria Mcdonnell. Some fading and marks.
Ref. no. 225a Price £10

Alfred Channing Bagshawe, a carte de visite of Alfred Channing Bagshawe (1840-?) by S. Priestley, of Church Street, John William Street, Huddersfield. Identified in pencil on reverse. Alfred Channing Bagshawe was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire in 1840. He was the son of Sheffield rate collector Richard Bagshawe (c.1810-1888). Alfred's mother died young and he had a sister called Margaret Annie Bagshawe who married Huddersfield woollen merchant's clerk Frederick Willis. After her marriage, Alfred went to live with his sister and her family in Fitzwilliam Street in Huddersfield in the 1860s. From his father's second marriage to Lucy Armitage he had siblings called William Henry Wyatt Bagshawe, Florence Lucy Bagshawe, Alice Emily Bagshawe (married Arthur Frederick Brodie James), Arthur Bagshawe, Clara Amelia Bagshawe and step-brother Benjamin Armitage. While living in Huddersfield, Alfred Bagshawe was a member of the Huddersfield athletic club and sang in the Huddersfield Choral Society. He emigrated to America in about 1870 where he married Theodosia Eulalia Houston. In 1880 he was living in Joachim in Jefferson with his wife and daughters Endora and Margaret. Another daughter, Dixie Bagshawe, married Theodore Mahan Kimball of Chicago and had children Myra Mahan Kimball and Alfred Channing Kimball. Good condition.
Ref. no. 226a Price £45

George Trimby, a carte de visite of Bath musician and publican George Trimby by J.E. Thompson of 11 Marlborough Lane, Bath. Identified in pencil on reverse. Trimby is posed with his cello - an unusual occupational image of a working class man. George Trimby (c.1810-1874) was born in Bath and died there in 1874. In 1848 he was the innkeeper at the Nightingale Tavern at 5 Walcot Street and he may have been related to Charles Trimby, a beer retailer in Bath. In 1861 he was an innkeeper, living with his Bradford born wife Ann at 6 Walcot Street. In 1871 he was working as a musician and living with his second wife, laundress Mary Trimby, at 8 Iron House Place in Bath. Good condition.
Ref. no. 227a Price £45

Joseph Malins, cabinet photograph of Joseph Malins (1844-1926) by E.S. Baker & Son of 154 Bristol Street, Birmingham. Malins was the leader of the Independent Order of Good Templars and he is shown wearing his regalia. Autographed on the front in ink ‘yours very fraternally Joseph Malins G.O.T.'. Malins founded the first branch of the English Independent Order of Good Templars in Birmingham in 1868. In 1881 he was living in Birmingham with his mother Jane Malins, wife Lucy Ellen Malins (nee Jones) and children Frances A. Malins, Joseph Malins, Templar Edward Malins and Wilfred Lawson Malins. Good condition.
Ref. no. 228a Price £45

William Griffiths, carte de visite of William Griffiths with mourning details printed on reverse: ‘In affectionate remembrance of William Griffiths, of Richmond House, Bristol Road, who died September 5, 1878, aged 53 years. Buried at Witton Cemetery. "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and he delighteth in his ways." ' William Griffiths (c.1825-1878) was born in Birmingham. In 1851 he was a grocer and boot closer living at 7 Lower Temple Street in Birmingham with his wife Eleanor Jane and children Ellen, Mary Ann and William Jura Griffiths. In 1861 he was at 360 Bristol Road and was a master shoe maker employing twenty people. When he died in 1878 his addresses were Richmond House, Bristol Road and Spiceal Street in Birmingham. Griffiths also had a daughter called Lizzie and in 1911 his son William Jura Griffiths was a teacher of dancing. Aged, faded and marked.
Ref. no 229a Price £25

Ref. no. 230a SOLD

Mary Elizabeth Pitt, a carte de visite of actress Mary Elizabeth Pitt by Gurney of New York. Identified in pencil on reverse. Mary Elizabeth Pitt (1849-1939) was born in Covent Garden, London. She was the daughter of hatter Major James Pitt and Emma Pitt (nee Emma Day) of 1 Tavistock Street. She had a large number of siblings including Sophia Trapp Pitt, Emily Lavinia Pitt, Clara Caroline Pitt, Arthur James Pitt, Elizabeth Sarah Pitt. Edward William Pitt, John Trapp Pitt, Major James Pitt and Walter Harry Pitt. Mary went on the stage as Mary Pitt went in about 1867, appearing at around that time at the Adelphi and Astley's, and her sister Emily acted with her as Emily Pitt. In 1869 Clara and Emily went to America for 19 months to perform, and this photograph was taken at this time. Mary Pitt continued to act in London and the provinces until 1876. Mary later moved to Putney with her parents and lived at 14 The Cedars. She died in Putney in 1939. Image faded but still clear and viewable.
Ref. no. 231a Price £35

Ref. no. 232a SOLD

Markham Robinson Kittoe, photo on card of Markham Robinson Kittoe (c.1848-1917) of the 106th Regiment. Identified in ink on front and in pencil on back. Born in India, Kittoe married Margaret Binnington in Hastings in 1871. His children included Evelyn Blanche Margaret Kittoe and Lieutenant-Colonel Markham Francis Montague Sloane Kittoe. Some fading.
Ref. no. 233a Price £45

Mary Ann Brown Jackson (known as Minnie, married name Mary Ann Brown Tapp), a sixth plate glass ambrotype photograph taken when she was 16 in 1860. Mary Ann Brown Jackson (1844-1932) was born in Liscard, Cheshire. She was the daughter of wool merchant James Pickmore Jackson (c.1800-1852) and Mary Ann Jackson (nee Brown) and she had siblings called Alfred Jackson, Henry Hall Jackson, Arthur Levett Jackson, Franklin Jackson, Lucy Jackson and Edgar Stanway Jackson. In 1874 she married Yorkshire stone merchant Benjamin Ansley Tapp (1840-1930, the son of Benjamin Ansley Tapp and Eliza Tapp. They lived in Hull, Bradford, Hammersmith and later at 93 Thornbury Road, Spring Grove, Isleworth. Mary, who was known to her family as Minnie, and her husband had three sons: Benjamin Ansley Tapp (1875-1955), who edited an engineering paper, married Ellen and had daughters Irene and Vera Helen Tapp; Percy Stanway Tapp (1876-1950) who became an artist and married Gertrude Anne Stevenson before moving to Australia; and Reginald Ruthven Tapp (1881-1969). Identified in ink 'Mary Ann Brown Jackson aged 16 years called Minnie married Benjamin Ansley Tapp.' The two halves of the case have separated, otherwise good condition.
Ref. no. 235a Price £150

George and Margaret Innes, a ninth plate glass ambrotype in a half case (ie the front of the case is missing) of George Innes and his wife Margaret Innes (nee Roger) of Kirkgate Loans, Cupar, Fifeshire, Scotland. Identified in ink as ‘Mr. and Mrs. Geo Innes The Loans about 1860' on old paper pasted on outside of case. George Innes (c.1804-?) was born in Cupar in Fife and was the son of John Innes and Christina Jean Smith. He married Margaret Roger (c.1818-?), who was born in Springfield, Fife. George Innes worked as a mason. In 1851 they were living at Kirkgate Loans with their children John, Margaret and Jean and Margaret's brother Alexander Roger. In 1861 they were living at the same address and they now had another son, George. In 1881 Margaret was presumably now a widow and she was living with Jean and George at Loans Cottage, Cupar.
John Innes (c.1842-?) became a newspaper editor and owner of the Fife Herald. In the 1881 he was living at 73 Bonny Gate St, Cupar. He married Christina and had children called Ada J.B. Innes and Frederick George Innes (Frederick died 1952 and was the editor of the Fife Herald and Journal).
Margaret Innes (c.1844-?) married newspaper journalist David Howie. In 1891 they were living in Glasgow with their children David Howie and Maggie Olive Howie. They also children called George Innes Howie (who became a stockbroker's clerk in London and had a son called Kenneth Weller Innes Howie).
Jean Innes (c.1846-?) became a dressmaker
George Innes (1851-1924) became a printer and publisher in Cupar. He married Mary and his children were Janet Margaret Innes (c.1889-1921) and William George Innes (c.1893-1963, of Rosemount, Cupar, he became a printer and publisher).
Ref. no. 236a Price £90

Elizabeth Wolff and Amy Samuel (later Wolff), a sixth plate ambrotype on glass of Elizabeth Wolff and her niece Amy Samuel sitting on a beach. Elizabeth Wolff (c.1818-1896) was the daughter of successful city chiropodist Mark Wolff (c.1792-1879), who was based at 133 Leadenhall Street. As well as Elizabeth, Mark Wolff was also the father of surgeon Abraham Wolff and Cecilia Wolff. Cecilia Wolff married watch manufacturer Sylvester Lewis Samuel and was the mother of Amy Samuel and Matilda Beatrice Samuel (later Beatrice DeMille, the mother of Hollywood film director Cecil B. DeMille). In 1841 Elizabeth Wolff was living with her father and sister Cecilia in Leadenhall Street. In 1871 Elizabeth was living with her father and nieces Amy Samuel and Lizzie Samuel (later the wife of architect Nathan Solomon Joseph) at 64 St. John's Wood Road. Amy Samuel (1857-1927) married her cousin Dr. Alfred Abraham Wolff and had children called Ethel Miriam Cecilia Wolff (married Dr. Joseph George Emanuel) and mining engineer Mark Arthur Wolff. Identified on the reverse as 'Elizabeth Wolff & Amy Samuel (Wolff)'. Good condition.
Ref. no. 237a Price £150

Susan Hope Waddell, later Susan Waddell Kelsall, a sixth plate ambrotype photograph on glass taken in about 1860. Susan Hope Waddell (c.1841-1919) was born in the West Indies and and was the daughter of the Reverend Hope Masterton Waddell, a Presbyterian minister in Kingstown in Ireland. On 11 June 1863 she married Captain Henry Kelsall of the 16th Regiment. Kelsall was the son of Colonel Joseph Kelsall of the 70th Foot Regiment. The family spent some time living at 4 St. James's Terrace, Clonskeagh, Dublin, son of late Colonel Joseph Kelsall. Susan Kelsall died in Bath in 1919. She had children including Major Henry Joseph Kelsall (born c.1868) of the Royal Garrison Artillery, Hope Waddell Kelsall (c.1869-1949) of the Royal Enginneers (married Jane Hope Mitchell) and Colonel Thomas Edward Kelsall (c.1873-1954, he married Ella Alicia Hope Jameson, the daughter of John Wilson Jameson). The amprotype seems to have belonged to her son Thomas as the paper on the reverse reads 'Mrs. Harry Kelsall (nee Susie Waddell) T.E.K.'s mother'. Some flaking to black emulsion on rear of glass, there is no case, otherwise good condition.
Ref. no. 238a
Price £90

Alfred Edward Shaw and Margaret Shaw, a carte de visite of Alfred Edward Shaw at the age of four and his mother Margaret Shaw by Mortimer Field & Son of Maidstone. Identified in biro on back with birth and death dates and annotated with the name 'Fitch', the married name of Alfred's daughter Dorothy. Margaret Shaw (1823-1891) was born on the Isle of Wight and was married to Edward Shaw, a sergeant major in the West Kent Militia and Chelsea Pensioner. In 1861 the family were living at the militia barracks in Maidstone and Alfred Shaw's siblings included Catherine Shaw, a schoolteacher born in Canada, James Shaw, Mary Ann Shaw, Ellen Shaw and Alice Shaw. Alfred Shaw became a vicar and schoolmaster. In 1887 he married Henrietta Clark and they had children called Donald Patrick Shaw, Margaret Renee Bryers Shaw, Edward Brian Shaw and Dorothy Ingram Shaw (married Edward Fitch). The Reverend Alfred Edward Shaw became the headmaster of Lord Williams School (then known as Lord Williams Grammar School) in Thame, Oxfordshire. Bottom edge blank area trimmed, otherwise good condition.
Price £25 Ref. no. 239a

General Thomas Kensington Whistler, a carte de visite of Thomas Kensington Whistler by Theweneti Brothers of Bath. Thomas Kensington Whistler (1805-1885) was born in Hastings, East Sussex. He was the son of Jane Mackay and Webster Whistler. He had a sister called Eliza and his brother Major General James Whistler joined the Indian Army. Thomas Whistler joined the Madras Artillery and by 1860 was a colonel. In 1847 he married Helen Hamilton Fulton in Madras; she was the daughter of John and Caroline Fulton and was the sister of officer Graeme Auchmuty Fulton. On their return to Britain, Thomas Whister became Colonel Commandant of the Royal Artillery and later reached the rank of General. In 1881 he and his wife were living at South Bank, Manor Road in Bath and they later moved to Leamington Spa. Identified in ink on reverse ‘General Whistler my Mother's brother-in-law A.S.B.' A.S.B. was the artist Ann Spence Black, the daughter of John Reddie Black and Helen Fulton's sister Emma. Good condition.
Price £45 Ref. no. 240a

Major Leonard Allen Addington, Hiley Reginald Addington, Maud Florence Addington and Blanche Jemima Treby, six carte de visites relating to the Addington family.
The first three cartes are of the honourable Leonard Allen Addington, who became a major in the Royal Artillery. The pictures are by D.J., Fradelle & Marshall of London and Owen Angel of Exeter. Addington was born in Clapham in 1828 and was the son of Viscount Sidmouth the Reverend William Leonard Addington and Viscountess Mary Addington (nee Young). He attended the Royal Military Academy and reached the rank of major in the Royal Artillery. In 1853 he married Letitia Anne Clark, the daughter of landowner and magistrate Erving Clark of Efford Manor in Devon.
The fourth carte is of Leonard Addington's son Hiley Reginald Addington (1861-1940) by Owen Angel of Exeter. He joined the 60th Rifles, became a major, and married Ella Beatrice Priaulx, the daughter of Osmond de Lancey of The Mount, Guernsey. His son was Major Rupert Hiley Priaulx Addington.
The fifth carte is of Leonard Addington's daughter Maud Florence Addington (1863-1936), taken by Cox & Durrant of Exeter.
The sixth carte is of Blanche Jemima Treby (c.1811-1876) by Jno Hawke, of Stonehouse, Devon. ‘Inscribed in ink on reverse ‘B.J. Treby for her dear god daughter march 1868' and identified in pencil ‘Aunt Blanche Treby'. Letitia Ann Clark married Addington. Blanche Treby's sister was Ann Letitia Clark (nee Treby), whose daughter Letitia Anne Clark married Leonard Allen Addington. Blanche Treby was the daughter of landowner Paul Treby of Goodamoor at Plympton in Devon. Some aging and fading to collection.
Price £45 Ref. no. 241a

SOLD Ref. no. 242a

SOLD Ref. no. 243a

John Manning, two photographs of railway engineer John Manning of Manning Wardle, a steam locomotive manufacturer of Hunslet, Leeds.
(a.) 9th plate glass ambrotype of him as a young man; identified on a piece of paper as 'John Manning in about 1859'. The case once housed a picture of his young son as the reverse has a piece of paper that reads ‘Hen. John Manning in mourning for his grandmother Mary M. 1860.' Mary Manning of Orlingbury died 8 June 1860. An early photograph, it is rather dark and has a ring from when the ambrotype was developed.
(b.) Paper portrait in an earlier 9th plate case. Identified inside as ‘John Manning of Leeds, his last portrait.' There is a single hair behind the glass which may be Manning's. Faded.
John Manning (1830-1874) was the son of farmer John Manning and Mary Manning. He grew up in Orlingbury in Northamptonshire and in 1854 married Sophia Gotobed Youngman in Cambridge. By 1871, as a mechanical engineer, he was the employer of 420 men. John Manning of Westwood, Leeds died on 31 March 1874; his executors were his widow Sophia Gotobed Manning, Edward Sharman of Croyland Abbey and iron merchant Frederick Firth. Manning was the father of barrister Henry John Manning, Jessie Manning (she married ironmaster Bernard Fawcett Butler and had children called Bernardine Fawcett Butler, Rodney F. Butler and Josephine Fawcett Butler), Arthur Manning and Percy Manning. (c.1866)
Price £90 Order. Ref. no. 244a

David Tranter, photograph in a frame of gunsmith David Tranter (c.1829-1884). Identified in ink on reverse: ‘Mr. David Tranter died March 25 1884. Taken early in '84.' David Tranter was born in West Bromwich and he was the son of smith Thomas Tranter. His brother was the well-known gunmaker William Tranter (1816-1890). David Tranter became a gunmaker with his brother in Birmingham and in 1864 married Lydia Musgrove. Their children were David William Tranter, Thomas Musgrove Tranter, Walter Tranter, Henry Tranter and Lydia Tranter; some of the sons joined William Tranter's business. David Tranter died at 87 Frederick Road in Birmingham. Fading but still clear.
Price £45 Order Ref. no. 245a

Order Ref. no. 246a SOLD

Caleb Smith, A quarter plate ambrotype of Liverpool shipbuilder Caleb Smith (1818-1896). Caleb Smith was born in Liverpool and was the son of shipbuilder James Smith and Mary Smith. He married Sarah Hargreaves and in 1851 and 1861 were living in Liverpool in Stafford Street. His children were Margaret Ann Smith (married John Simpson), James Adam Smith, Thomas Torrey Smith (married Elizabeth Nixon), Caleb Smith (became a shipbuilder and married Ellen Stanhope Halsall), John Jolly Smith and Sarah Smith. Caleb Smith later retired to Oxton and his last home was the Homestead, 3 Storeton Road. Good condition.
Price £150 Order Ref. no. 247a

Albert Henry Hamlin Marshall, a ninth plate glass ambrotype of Albert Henry Hamlin Marshall (1848-1873) He was born in the Hampshire village of Boldre and was the son of relieving officer Richard Marshall and Philadelphia Marshall (nee Hamlin). By 1861 the family were living at 12 New Lane, Lymington. He died young in Lymington in 1873. His siblings were Harriett Sarah Ann Marshall (1851-1913), who became a ladies and childrens outfitter in West Norwood, Florence Maud Emily Hamlin Marshall (1859-1888, who married nurseryman George Robert Jefferd) and artist Ella Constance Marshall. Rather a dark image with dirt under the glass.
Price £25 Order Ref. no. 248a

Helps family, two ninth plate ambrotypes on glass. The first is a portrait of Florence Gertrude Helps (1854-1942). Identified in ink on paper on reverse ‘Florence Gertrude Helps 1858'. The second is of Catherine Frances Helps (1841-1874) holding her younger sister Isabella Louisa Helps (1857-1942) and is identified in ink on paper on reverse ‘Frances Catherine Helps and Isabella Louisa Helps 1857 or 8.' The Helps sisters were the daughters of Richard Helps (1810-1867) and Harriet Helps (1814-1899). He was a solicitor and the family lived at 1 Barton Street, Gloucester. The other children in the family were: solicitor Richard Sumner Helps (1839-1888), Mary Anne Emily Helps (1843-1919, married solicitor Benjamin Bonnor), solicitor Arthur Spry Helps (1845-1908), Harriet Augusta Helps (1846-1941), Walter Bromfield Helps (1847-1925), Caroline Alice Helps (1849-1920), Clement Stackhouse Helps (1851-1885) and Ethel Helps (1853-1943). Catherine Helps died in Barton Street in 1874. In 1911 Florence and Isabella were living with their sister Harriet at Springfield, Down Hatherley, Gloucestershire; they both died in Painswick in 1942.
Price £150 Ref. no. 249a

Frederick Melbourne Rogers, 9th plate ambrotype of Frederick Melbourne Rogers (c.1844-1879) in a half case. A piece of paper from behind the picture reads ‘Fred M. Rogers Frank Place 1858' and on the reverse ‘Willington House'. Frank Place was in North Shields and was probably the address of the photographer and Willington House was the home of the Rogers family. Frederick Melbourne Rogers was born in Newport in Monmouthshire in Wales. He was the son of Sarah and Stephen Rogers. The family moved to Willington House in North Shields, where Stephen Rogers was the owner of houses and coal mines. The other children in the family, Frederick's siblings, were: Fanny Rogers (who married solicitor Thomas Richard Wheldon), Sarah Emily Rogers (who married Thomas Rogers of Llantrissent, Monmouthshire), Charles Morse Rogers, William Morse Rogers (who married Catherine and became a customs clerk), George M. Rogers, Stephen Rogers (who married Harriett and became a chemist) and Mary Dawson Rogers (who later lived with her niece Emily Elizabeth Wheldon). Frederick Melbourne Rogers became a clerk at a chain and screw manufacturers, then a brewers agent, and died young in 1879.
Price £100 Ref. no. 250a

Thomas Wilde Powell, ninth plate daguerreotype of stockbroker Thomas Wilde Powell (1818-1897) as a young man. Identified as ‘T.W. Powell about 1855-58'. Thomas Wilde Powell was born in Leeds, Yorkshire in 1818. He was the son of James Powell, a banker's clerk, and Christina Powell (nee Wilde). Thomas Wilde Powell became a very successful stockbroker as a partner in the company Heseltine and Powell and later Heseltine and Moss. In 1852 he married Mary Elizabeth Marten, the daughter of stockbroker Charles Marten of Marten and Heseltine, at St. John's, Hackney. In 1871 Wilde and his family were living at Cherry Orchard, Marlborough Lane, Charlton, London. After his wife's death Wilde and his children lived at Piccard's Rough, St. Catherine's Guildford, a house designed by Arts and Crafts architect Richard Norman Shaw, and at 1 Drapers Gardens, London. Powell became a very wealthy man and was a philanthropist. He died in Guildford in 1897. His children were:
1. Christiana Jane Powell (1852-1929). She married doctor Wilmot Parker Herringham, the son of William Walter Herringham.
2. Mary Elizabeth Powell (born. c.1854). She married architect Hugh Thackeray Turner Guildford, the son of John Richard Turner, and had children Marjorie, Christiana and Mildred.
3. Charles Marten Powell (1855-1928). He became a doctor, married Charlotte Mackenzie and was the father of Mary Evelyn Powell.
4. Thomas Edmund Powell (1857-1901). He became a stockbroker, married Kate Millicent Overbury, and was the father of Dorothy, Maurice and Helen Margaret Powell.
5. Eleanor Grace Powell (1859-1945) died in Hampshire.
6. Rosamond Emma Powell (1861-1919). She married doctor William Alfred Wills Guildford, the son of judge Sir Alfred Wills and had a daughter, Frances Rosamond Wills.
7. Herbert Andrews Powell (1863-1950). He became a doctor, married Elizabeth Beatrice Courtauld, and was the father of Olivia and architect Lawrence Powell.
8. Agnes Margaret Powell (born c.1866) married engineer Charles Wolryche Dixon.
9. Theodora Wilde Powell (1871-1920) lived at Gorse Bank, Enton Milford in Surrey.
Price £250 Ref. no. 251a

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