The Braddon Keepsake

The Mary Elizabeth Braddon Keepsake: 2015 Anniversary Edition
Paperback published to mark 180 years since Braddon's birth and the centenary of her death.
103 pages.
Contains six short stories by Braddon, including a story discovered after the publication of The Literary Lives of Mary Elizabeth Braddon and Braddon's first ever published story. Three of the short stories have never been published before in book form.
A schoolboy finds himself claimed by a ghostly goblin.
A long-lost will threatens the future of a book collector and his daughter.
A stuffy gentleman becomes jealous of his fiancee's previous love.
An anarchist bomb plot terrifies a cathedral.
A mother is determined her daughter will never have an unhappy marriage like her own.
A barrister plans revenge upon his unfaithful wife.

Mary Elizabeth Braddon in Richmond - the previously unpublished paper given by Jennifer Carnell at Richmond Museum; an Edwardian essay about Braddon by Edmund Downey; an interview with Braddon; and four articles published after her death. The cover shows an early portrait of Braddon.
Limited to 100 copies signed and numbered by Jennifer Carnell.

The Braddon Keepsake 2005 (published in 2006)
Contains the short story
'The Dreaded Guest' with an illustration
And an interview with Mary Elizabeth Braddon:
'Miss Braddon at Home - A Chat With the Popular Novelist'.

The Braddon Keepsake is limited to 100 copies
2005 edition is out of print.

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