Lady Audley's Secret

Adapted for Radio by

Bryony Lavery

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2000

I recently found I had kept a recording of this serial adaptation, and I liked it then and I like it now. It's much more faithful to the book than the later television adaptation and was atmospheric and well acted; Francesca Annis was great as Lady Audley.

Lady Audley - Francesca Annis

Alicia Audley - Leonie Mellinger

Sir Michael Audley - Terence Hardiman

Robert Audley - Jonathan Firth

Dr. Mosgrave/Harcourt Talboys - Thomas Peacock (?)

Monsieur Val - Marcello Manye (?)

Clara Talboys - Elizabeth Mansfield

Mrs. Maloney - Jo Kendall

George Talboys - Robert Beaumont (?)

Phoebe Marks - Gabrielle Reidy

Luke Marks - Gary Lilburn

Singer - Elizabeth Mansfield

Directed by Annie Castledine

Music composed by Olga ? ?

Catherine Bailey Production for BBC Radio 4

Broadcast on Radio 4 in 2000

The Literary Lives of Mary Elizabeth Braddon by Jennifer Carnell (Biography)


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